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Who We Are

CNAS is home to world-renowned scholars pursuing research that deepens our knowledge of the universe we live in and improves the quality of life for inhabitants of the state, the nation, and the world. Central to this research is educating the students who come to CNAS to learn science, and who leave with an integrated grasp of how they can change the world. CNAS’s 13 departments encompass the life, physical, mathematical, and agricultural sciences. This structure encourages an extraordinary degree of collaboration, reflected in the interdisciplinary research centers and the many cooperatively taught degree programs. Modern science is team based, and CNAS embodies that principle in everything it teaches and practices. Our mission is to transform lives through discovery, communication, translation, application, and preservation of knowledge.


$97 million
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Citrus Varieties Created
Research Centers & Institutes
National Academies Members
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Entomology Program in the World
Nobel Prize Winners

CNAS Research Videos

Click below to learn about just some of the fascinating research happening at CNAS today!

Hear What Our Students Are Saying About CNAS...

Imani Odunze
"Aside from the fact that the campus was beautiful, I saw how diverse UCR was. UCR was in touch with all cultures and it made it almost impossible to not find some of your culture on campus. A year later, I have I was able to find my community and make close friendships with people. UCR has become my second home."
Imani Odunze '26
"Do things that are out of your comfort zone, because that is the only way you are going to learn what you are capable of. Over the summer, I worked as an orientation panelist for prospective CNAS students. By allowing myself to be open to new possibilities and learning along the way, I got to be where I am today, and I want the same for anyone attending UC Riverside."

Jennalyn Resendez '24
Cell, Molecular, Developmental Biology
"I participated in UC Riverside’s RISE Summer Bridge to Research Program, where I completed a 10-week (paid) summer internship at UC Riverside studying artificial deep neural network models through a theoretical lens. I made a lot of great friends and learned a lot about the on-campus programs and resources on campus. It made my transition from community college to university smooth and seamless."

Jared Hudnall '24
Samantha Arenas
"My favorite CNAS class was Dynamic Genome. This was my favorite class because of all the PCR's, bacterial transformations, and research we did on plant kinases! As a biology major, this class really embodied the laboratory part of the major and enhanced the fun that CNAS students encounter throughout their career at UCR."
Samantha Arenas '26
"My favorite CNAS class was Biochemistry, because it has helped me understand the complex chemical reactions that occur in a wide variety of life forms. One topic I always find interesting is glycolysis, the process through which glucose is partially broken down by cells in enzyme reactions that do not need oxygen. I also enjoyed learning more about photosynthesis on a deeper level because of my interest in plant biology."

Kyrollos Salama '24
Saba Najafi
"I am currently involved in Organic Chemistry research. My principal investigator really sparked my passion for the topic, which encouraged me to reach out to get involved in his research."
Saba Najafi '25
Russel Arevalo
"My favorite CNAS class was Dynamic Genome. This class taught me a lot of fundamental research techniques and gave me the opportunity to do further research and even present at a symposium."
Russel Arevalo '25
Michelle Tellez
"As someone who lives in the Inland Empire, UCR hits close to home because many of the opportunities and programs this school offers positively affects my local community. UCR's diverse and inclusive campus community greatly appealed to me as the daughter of Hispanic immigrants. Also, the university's commitment to research, innovation, and interdisciplinary studies aligns with my academic goals and aspirations."
Michelle Tellez '26
Cell, Molecular & Developmental Biology
"I would describe UC Riverside as supportive, welcoming, and inspiring. It has a supportive atmosphere when it comes to the faculty and students. Everyone here wants to see you succeed and do well. UC Riverside is inspiring to me because I get to see the medical students on campus and think to myself, 'That'll be me one day.'"

Briana Baldovinos '24
Neuroscience, Pre-Med
Linlin Liu
"I really love and enjoy the supportive atmosphere at UCR. I've met so many people who were willing to help in times of need and who were there whenever you needed them. The school also offered so many resources that I didn't know would be available to me."
Linlin Liu '24
Shiraz Mogul
"I am currently working on a project which studies efficient CRISPR/Cas9‐mediated
genome modification of the glassy‐winged sharpshooter Homalodisca vitripennis (Germar). Glassy-winged sharpshooters(GWSS) cause diseases like Pierce's Disease in grapes and other plants it infests. This poses a significant threat to California's grape and wine industry, so we use CRISPR/Cas9 technology to help target genetic mutations in GWSS, advancing genetic control methods for these species as well as others."
Shiraz Mogul '26
Cell, Molecular & Developmental Biology
Sakshi Nitke
"I love to hang out at the Highlander Union Building (HUB), grab some coffee, and do my assignments there. It's a really lively place because there's always music playing from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf through the loudspeakers. Everyone's always walking in that area so I tend to run into friends too!"
Sakshi Nitke '25
Data Science
Anastasia Farronan
"UCR has a very diverse and welcoming community which made me feel very welcomed and represented. UCR also has a lot of programs that I was interested in being apart of that would connect me to the school and surrounding community. There is a strong support system through other students, faculty, and programs such as the Health Professions Advising Center."
Anastasia Farronan '24
Neuroscience & Biology
Madeleine Haddad
"My favorite spot on campus is the UCR Botanic Gardens, because it is so peaceful and the hiking trails are fun!"
Madeleine Haddad '24
Mathematics & Environmental Science
Patricia B. Sanchez
"My favorite class had to be Functional Anatomy of Vertebrates. The lectures and labs for this class were always so engaging and the highlight of each week. During my lab sections, I felt like a scientist with the dissections I performed on all sorts of vertebrates. From studying a turtle one week and a small shark the next, I always felt challenged and ready to learn something new."
Patricia B. Sanchez '24
Sana Saifullah
"My favorite place to hang out on campus are the meeting rooms in the Student Success Center. They have big whiteboards, perfect for drawing amino acids or playing hangman with friends!"
Sana Saifullah '25
Kamron Sherafat
"My favorite CNAS memory is the Learning Community from my first year. I made some amazing friendships that I still carry with me today."
Kamron Sherafat '26
Cell, Molecular & Developmental Biology

Spring event for prospective transfer students!

Highlander Day May 4 2024 for Prospective Transfer Students

Don't miss UC Riverside's in-person open house for prospective transfer students and their families to learn more about our welcoming and inclusive campus!

Connect with inspiring faculty and friendly UC Riverside students and discover academic, wellness, and career resources to prepare and support you through graduation and beyond.

We can't wait to see you on campus!

Registration opens in mid-March. Get more information about Highlander Day online.

Check out the following events:

  • CNAS info sessions
  • CNAS tours with our Science Ambassadors
  • CNAS faculty panel and presentations
  • Open houses, student programs, and workshops

Highlander Day is a "choose your own adventure"-style open house event. Sessions will be repeated throughout the day so you can pick and choose which to attend and plan your own schedule accordingly!

Students walking along Pierce Lawn during Highlander Day

The Transfer Experience

Transfer students answer some important questions and share more about the wonderful opportunities available at UC Riverside!


Take Your Seat Next To Scotty!

Our mascot, Scotty Highlander, can't wait to see you become a CNAS student...and neither can we!

An education at UC Riverside is more than attending class. It's joining a community where diversity equals vitality. Where support and empowerment lifts spirits and propels ideas forward. Here, you won't just answer problems. You'll be part of global solutions!

Ranked in the top 15 for best universities in the nation - and first for social mobility - UC Riverside has created a new model for what a great public research university can help you achieve!


Getting to Know UCR Video Series

We asked CNAS community members some random icebreaker questions. Tune in to the video series to hear what they had to say and to learn more about our students, faculty and staff!

UC Riverside Video Library

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Upcoming Events & Important Dates

Join us on campus (or online) at our upcoming events for prospective students!


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