CNAS Organizational Structure

Organizational charts of the college show how it is structured and administered.

Organizational Chart of the Dean's Office   

CNAS Department Structure

Dean Kathryn Uhrich

Kathryn Uhrich

Dean, College of Natural
and Agricultural Sciences

2258D Geology
Telephone: (951) 827-3101
Email: cnasdean@ucr.edu

frances sladek

Frances Sladek

Divisional Dean
Life Sciences

2258A Geology
Telephone: (951) 827-7289
Email: lifescidean@ucr.edu

timothy paine

Timothy Paine

Divisional Dean
Agriculture and Natural Resources

2258E Geology
Telephone: (951) 827-7291
Email: agdean@ucr.edu

jose wudka

Jose Wudka

Divisional Dean
Physical Sciences and Mathematics

2258C Geology
Telephone: (951) 827-3929
Email: physcidean@ucr.edu

constance nugent

Constance Nugent

Divisional Dean
Student Academic Affairs

1148 Pierce Hall
Telephone: (951) 827-7294
Email: studentdeancnas@ucr.edu

jennifer v. farias

Jennifer V. Farias

Executive Assistant Dean and
Chief Financial & Administrative Officer

2258F Geology
Telephone: (951) 827-6067
Email: jennifer.farias@ucr.edu

Helen C. Chen

Grant Facilitator 

2258G Geology
Telephone: (951) 827-5103
Email: helen.chen@ucr.edu

Deborah McWilliams

Physical Planning Liaison 

2258E Geology
Telephone: (951) 827-5163
Email: deborah.mcwilliams@ucr.edu

Dounia Sadeghi

Assistant Dean for Development, CNAS 

0110C Hinderaker Hall
Telephone: (951) 827-3067
Email: dounia.sadeghi@ucr.edu