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crack in the road
Massive Mexican earthquakes warn Southern Californians 
A pair of massive earthquakes in Mexico has some in Southern California on edge, wondering whether the Golden State is next. UC Riverside seismologist Abhijit Ghosh weighs in on the likelihood of more shakers, and how to prepare for them.
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The no-tech way to preserve California’s state grass
Though it is disappearing, California’s official state grass has the ability to live for 100 years or more. New research demonstrates that sheep and cattle can help it achieve that longevity.
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Aedes aegyptii
Chemical cocktail in skin summons disease-spreading mosquitoes
A UC Riverside-led team discovered the exact chemical combination that causes Zika, dengue and yellow fever-spreading mosquitoes to locate and land on their victims.
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Researcher entering mangrove forest
Mexican mangroves have been capturing carbon for 5,000 years
Researchers have identified a new reason to protect mangrove forests: they’ve been quietly keeping carbon out of Earth’s atmosphere for the past 5,000 years. 
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Why are dark matter halos of ultra-diffuse galaxies so … odd?
A UC Riverside physicist explains
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animal collage
Could more of Earth’s surface host life?
Of all known planets, Earth is as friendly to life as any planet could possibly be — or is it? If Jupiter’s orbit changes, a new study shows Earth could be more hospitable than it is today. 
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Unraveling a mystery surrounding cosmic matter
UC Riverside physicist and colleague invoke the cosmological collider to explain why matter, and not antimatter, dominates the universe
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Researchers devise tunable conducting edge
Technology reported in UC Riverside-led study has nanoelectronic applications
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Turfgrass and Landscape field day
Field of greens
Nearly 170 turfgrass professionals, academics and scientists met at the annual Turfgrass & Landscape Research Field Day at the UC Riverside Agricultural Operations Research Station on Sept. 15 to learn about the latest research on turfgrass.  They discussed topics including drought management, drought tolerant species and cultivars, weed control, salinity management, utilization of reclaimed water, and more. Participants visited demonstration plots and interacted with researchers until mid-afternoon. 
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CIBER squad
CIBER Squad honored for bee health solutions
A team of UC Riverside doctoral students researching honey bee health won an honorable mention in the Wilbur-Ellis Innovation Awards. Sponsored by Wilbur-Wllis, an agricultural company, the competition invited student teams from U.S. colleges and universities to propose better approaches for providing food for a growing global population. UCR’s team, dubbed the CIBER Squad, was one of four groups to win a $5,000 honorable mention prize. Its focus was on reversing the decline in bee populations.
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NSF bestows CAREER Awards on 11 UC Riverside professors
Eleven UCR faculty have been honored by the National Science Foundation this year
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A summer of particle physics
Three UC Riverside undergraduates just finished internships at CERN in Switzerland
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Antiferromagnetic hybrids achieve important functionality for spintronic applications
UC Riverside-led study shows robust spin transport at antiferromagnet/ferromagnet interfaces
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Transfer student wins award at his first conference
Luis Garabito was recognized at the Electron Ion Collider Group Meeting held in New York
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Researchers report discovery of novel electronic state
Discovery can help understand interactions among electrons in two dimensions for engineering new electronic devices, says UC Riverside physicist
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Highlanders mentor teens aspiring to STEM careers
Approximately 70 high school students who are considering careers in STEM, or science, technology, engineering, and math, industries spent three days at the UC Riverside campus engaging with industry experts and other teens from surrounding Riverside and San Bernardino County high schools, many of them from Riverside Unified School District. 
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