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soil sampling at Holy Fire site
Fungi and bacteria are binging on burned soil
UC Riverside researchers have identified tiny organisms that not only survive but thrive during the first year after a wildfire. The findings could help bring land back to life after fires that are increasing in both size and severity.
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car exhaust
Soil tainted by air pollution expels carbon
New UC Riverside research suggests nitrogen released by gas-powered machines causes dry soil to let go of carbon and release it back into the atmosphere, where it can contribute to climate change. 
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coffee machine
Prof pours cold water on coffee pod controversy
New research from the University of Quebec declares coffee pods are “better for the planet than filtered brew.” Here to weigh in on the matter is UCR's Andrew Gray, who studies the movement of plastic pollutants through the environment.
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Robot hand on keyboard
Is ChatGPT a threat to education?
UC Riverside experts share thoughts on the AI-powered language model that understands and responds to natural language
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crepe myrtle on a lawn
Landscaping for drought: we’re doing it wrong
Many Southern Californians plant trees prized for drought tolerance, but a new UC Riverside-led study shows that these trees lose this tolerance once they’re watered.
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Mosquito and eggs
Studies identify new strategies for insect control
Mosquitoes spread several diseases, such as malaria and dengue. In 2020 about 241 million cases of malaria occurred worldwide, with a few more million cases occurring in 2021.
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Remote memory storage
How the brain stores remote fear memory
UC Riverside mouse study could lead to novel therapies for people living with PTSD
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Decoding the secret language of photosynthesis
For decades, scientists have been stumped by the signals plants send themselves to initiate photosynthesis, the process of turning sunlight into sugars. UC Riverside researchers have now decoded those previously opaque signals. 
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Prototype detector
Physics students gain hands-on experience in building a prototype detector
Now at Jefferson National Laboratory, the prototype will travel to two other national laboratories for testing
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Alumna elected to the Television Academy Board of Governors
Megan Chao elected to a first term uncontested.
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Gail Hanson
Physicist ranked eighth top female scientist in the world
The rankings are published by the portal
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Wyman and Cutler
National Academy of Inventors elects UCR faculty as Fellows
Rare distinction honors prolific innovators
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Nobel laureat Barry Barish
Physicist to receive Copernicus Prize
Nobel laureate Barry Barish is recognized for his contributions to world science
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2022 ‘Highly Cited’ list recognizes UCR scientists’ significant impact
List celebrates authors of papers that rank in the top 1%
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Vapor from vaping
Flavor chemical use is increasing popularity of tobacco-flavored products
Students and young adults are especially attracted to e-cigarettes with appealing flavors
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Chemist receives DOE grant to explore energy conservation in industrial processes
Francisco Zaera, a UCR distinguished professor of chemistry, has received a $500,000 grant from the United States Department of Energy, or DOE, to research the optimization of catalytic processes through environmentally friendly alternatives. 
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