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Yosemite Valley
Drought increases microbe-laden dust landing in Sierras
Dust from all over the world is landing in the Sierra Nevada mountains carrying microbes that are toxic to both plants and humans. Research from UC Riverside shows higher concentrations of the dust are landing at lower elevations, where people are more likely to be hiking. 
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Puff electronic cigarettes
Coolants in Puff electronic cigarettes present health hazard
UC Riverside-led study highlights need for regulation to protect public health
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balding man
The chemical controlling life and death in hair follicles
A single chemical is key to controlling when hair follicle cells divide, and when they die. This discovery could not only treat baldness, but ultimately speed wound healing because follicles are a source of stem cells.
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UC Riverside student interns working at the R'Garden in 2020. (UCR/Stan Lim)
New program aims to increase Latinx students conducting environmental research
A $342,000 grant has allowed the expansion of a UC Berkeley program to UCR.
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Jupiter with rings
Why Jupiter doesn’t have rings like Saturn
Because it’s bigger, Jupiter ought to have larger, more spectacular rings than Saturn has. But new UC Riverside research shows Jupiter’s massive moons prevent that vision from lighting up the night sky.
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plant sampling
How stressed-out plants produce their own aspirin 
Plants protect themselves from environmental hazards by producing salicylic acid, also known as aspirin. A new understanding of this process may help plants survive climate change.
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Switching from tobacco to e-cigarettes does not reverse respiratory epithelium damage
UC Riverside study reports e-cigarette prolonged use may contribute to airway epithelium damage and lead to respiratory diseases
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Rhodopsins visible
Ancient microbes may help us find extraterrestrial life forms
Using light-capturing proteins in living microbes, UC Riverside scientists helped reconstruct what life was like for some of Earth’s earliest organisms. These efforts could help us one day recognize signs of life on other planets.
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Highlanders mentor teens aspiring to STEM careers
Approximately 70 high school students who are considering careers in STEM, or science, technology, engineering, and math, industries spent three days at the UC Riverside campus engaging with industry experts and other teens from surrounding Riverside and San Bernardino County high schools, many of them from Riverside Unified School District. 
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Formation of black holes linked to spatial dimensions
More spatial dimensions can facilitate the collapse of gas, UC Riverside study finds
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International project tracks climate change effects on freshwater dwellers
National Science Foundation grant enables UCR/Brazilian partnership
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UCR biogeochemistry professor wins Geological Society high honor
Examinations of ancient Earth inspire search for life on distant worlds
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Corpse plant
Rare bloom draws record crowds to UCR Botanic Gardens
It was the little plant that raised a big stink for a brief window of time. The UC Riverside Botanic Gardens drew record crowds over the past week with visitors from all over Southern California coming by to catch a glimpse and whiff of Little Miss Stinky.
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corpse flower
Corpse plant ready to bloom at the Botanic Gardens
A rare sight — and smell — is on display at the UC Riverside Botanic Gardens with a corpse plant expected to bloom in the coming days. This will be the first time it has bloomed since the gardens began growing the tropical plant, officially known as Amorphophallus titanum, in 2007 from seeds acquired from the Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens in San Marino.
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Daria Pidhorodetska
NASA fellowship fuels doctoral student’s search for alien life
Daria Pidhorodetska examines Earth-like planets for habitability
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Astronomer shares excitement over James Webb Space Telescope images
Bahram Mobasher is at Paris meeting to decide how to use the new data
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