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Joshua tree park and rainbow
Joshua Trees facing extinction
They outlived mammoths and saber-toothed tigers. But without dramatic action to reduce climate change, new research shows Joshua trees won’t survive much past this century.
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Physicists’ finding could revolutionize information transmission
UC Riverside-led team identifies dark trions as the next carrier of quantum information
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Campus to celebrate 50th anniversary of historic Moon landing
Free event at UC Riverside includes hands-on activities, lecture, and telescope viewings
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Study finds electronic cigarettes damage brain stem cells
A research team at the University of California, Riverside, has found that electronic cigarettes, often targeted to youth and pregnant women, produce a stress response in neural stem cells, which are critical cells in the brain. Present throughout life, stem cells become specialized cells with more specific functions, such as brain cells, blood cells, or bone. Far more sensitive to stress than the specialized cells they become, stem cells provide a model to study exposure to toxicants, such as cigarette smoke. 
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Anopheles mosquito which spreads malaria
Controlling deadly malaria without chemicals
Scientists have finally found malaria’s Achilles’ heel, a neurotoxin that isn’t harmful to any living thing except Anopheles mosquitoes that spread malaria.
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Scientists find thirdhand smoke affects cells in humans
UC Riverside-led study is the first to find an association between thirdhand smoke and gene expression in humans
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New material shows high potential for quantum computing
Research by UC Riverside-MIT team focuses on quantum phenomena in gold
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Star tours
Astronomers have a new tool in their search for extraterrestrial life – a sophisticated bot that helps identify stars hosting planets similar to Jupiter and Saturn.
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More College News

Telescope viewing on campus, Apollo 11 moon landing celebration at UCR
Celebrating a trip to the moon
  About 200 adults and children attended a celebration on campus July 11 of the 50th anniversary of the historic Apollo 11 moon mission. Attendees partook in telescope viewings of the moon, engaged in hands-on activities, and attended a lecture titled “Fifty Years of Discovery — From the Moon to Mars and Beyond.”  Children…


Goldwater scholarship recipients
Three students receive Barry M. Goldwater Scholarships
    Three UC Riverside undergraduates are among the 2019 recipients of the Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship, one of the country’s most prestigious and competitive awards in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields, or STEM. Four undergraduates were endorsed by UCR for consideration by the Barry M. Goldwater…


Portrait of Dr. Georgios Vidalakis (c) UCR
Georgios Vidalakis named to prestigious, endowed citrus research position
Georgios Vidalakis, a professor and UC extension specialist in UCR’s Microbiology and Plant Pathology Department, has been named Presidential Researcher for Sustainable Citrus Clonal Protection. The position will enable Vidalakis, an expert in plant pathology, to continue doing research that improves citrus production and quality…


CNAS GSAs win 2019 UCR Student Life Awards (c) UCR
CNAS GSAs win 2019 UCR Student Life Awards
The Graduate Student Associations of Evolution, Ecology Organismal Biology (EEOB) and Plant Pathology as well as the Dynamic Genome Outreach Group were awarded multiple UC Riverside Student Life awards on June 4th, 2019, acknowledging excellence in science outreach, education, and community service. Plant Pathology graduate…


UCR Chancellor Kim Wilcox and Eurosemillas representative shaking hands (c) UCR
European agriculture innovation company to invest $5 million in research, collaboration, and translation with UCR
Eurosemillas S.A., a global leader in the commercialization of agriculture innovations, has signed a $5 million agreement with UC Riverside to expand a research and licensing partnership that has taken the campus’ citrus varieties to nearly 20 countries. The company, based in Cordoba, Spain, is UCR’s largest international…


Multidisciplinary Research Building move in ready (c) UCR / Stan Lim 2019
Research teams start moving into MRB
From the top floor of UC Riverside’s Multidisciplinary Research Building, Jericho Ortanez can enjoy views of the Student Recreation Center next door, nearby city neighborhoods, and the region’s surrounding hills. The microbiology doctoral student is among approximately 150 faculty members, students, and employees who are the…


Commencement 2019: A ‘pivotal time in their lives’, image (c) UCR
A ‘pivotal time in their lives’
  Nearly 6,000 students are eligible to graduate this year, with ceremonies running from May 31- June 17   The University of California, Riverside’s 65th commencement will celebrate 5,857 eligible graduates. The nine ceremonies include 4,797 graduates with bachelor’s degrees; 691 with master’s degrees; 340 with doctorate…


Elia Scudiero receives USDA New Investigator Award (c) UCR
UCR research agronomist receives USDA New Investigator Award
  The National Institute of Food and Agriculture, a division of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, has awarded nearly $500,000 to Elia Scudiero, a professional researcher in the environmental sciences department, for a project helping California’s farmers use water more efficiently while protecting crops. UCR research…