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Cage-free chickens are louse-y
Lice have been found feeding on the skin and blood of free-range chickens, which are infected at much higher rates than caged flocks.
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Infected cantaloupe plants
Wild plants and crops don’t make great neighbors
Native plants and non-native crops do not fare well in proximity to one another, attracting pests that spread diseases in both directions, according to two new UC Riverside studies. 
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With spin centers, quantum computing takes a step forward
New devices could help find more efficient ways of storing and transferring information
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Earth observation from above
Exponentially increasing understanding of early life on Earth
A UC Riverside paper has opened the door to understanding more about early life on Earth, and to framing the search for life beyond this planet.
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terraformed planet illustration
Telltale greenhouse gases could signal alien activity
If aliens modified a planet in their solar system to make it warmer, we’d be able to tell. A new UC Riverside study identifies the artificial greenhouse gases that would be giveaways of a terraformed planet.
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Rain storm on a tropical island.
Climate change to shift tropical rains northward
Unchecked carbon emissions will force tropical rains to shift northward in the coming decades, which would profoundly impact agriculture and economies near the Earth's equator, a new UCR study predicts.
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Wildfire at night
Large wildfires create weather that favors more fire
A new UC Riverside study shows soot from large wildfires in California traps sunlight, making days warmer and drier than they ought to be.
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Big data connection technology
Making ferromagnets ready for ultra-fast communication and computation technology
UC Riverside-led research has potential to unlock terahertz processing power
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Summer Physics Academy 2024
Summer Physics Academy brings back an alumna to campus
Christina Manzano was one of two community college teachers attending the weeklong workshop
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Emilia Burnham with sash and crown
CA Honey Queen is a UCR entomology graduate student
Beekeeping Federation position advances insect education
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Students studying at the Student Success Center
UCR advisor helped eliminate “probation” from academic language
The University of California has dropped the word “probation” from academic regulations – a change that a UC Riverside academic advisor helped push forward. The UC Academic Senate voted overwhelmingly on June 21 to remove the term probation and replace it with academic notice to alert students when they are falling behind in their studies. Brett McFarlane, director of the College of Natural and Agricultural Resources Sciences Undergraduate Academic Advising Center, worked with fellow advisors at partners UC campuses to make that change.
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Tara Gao
Sophomore wins UCR neuroscience award
The Austin and Helen Riesen Neuroscience Award is given to the top undergraduate student in the neuroscience program
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UCR soil scientist Matthew Amato
UCR soil researcher wins outstanding dissertation award
National recognition for soil scientist Matthew Amato
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Stars and light moving in space
Gravitational waves hint at dark matter and Big Bang mysteries
Study reports very simple forms of matter could generate detectable gravitational wave backgrounds soon after the Big Bang
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UCR physicists at UC Davis
Physicists gain hands-on experience using cyclotron at UC Davis
Team included undergraduate and graduate students
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Maggie Tello Case
Extracurricular: UCR analyst’s art travels to Romania
Maggie Tello Case  thought she was being phished when she received an email in January from curator Claire D’Alba representing the Art in Embassies program at the United States Department of State. D’Alba was requesting Tello Case, a senior contracts and grants analyst in UCR’s College of Natural & Agricultural Sciences, lend some of her artwork for display in U.S.
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