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Gravitational len system
New dark matter theory explains two puzzles in astrophysics
Dark matter may be more vibrant than previously thought, UC Riverside study reports
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Beverly Hills
Money to burn: wealthy, white neighborhoods losing their heat shields
A new study shows the protective effect of income has largely eroded over the past 40 years, as landscape plants can’t keep up with the pace of climate warming. 
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Findings challenge standard understanding of COVID-19 infection
UC Riverside research can help scientists develop methods to prevent COVID-19 in mink and other species
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Oriental fruit fly closeup
One of the world’s worst pests attacks California
One of the world’s worst pests is infesting crops all over California. There are seven active quarantines spanning the length of the state, but experts say those affecting San Bernardino and Riverside counties are especially serious. 
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trilobites scavenging
Trilobites rise from the ashes to reveal ancient map
UC Riverside geologists discovered 10 new species of trilobites hidden for 490 million years in a little-studied part of Thailand. They could be the missing pieces in an intricate puzzle of ancient world geography.
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Artistic representation of the spiral barred galaxy ceers-2112
Milky Way-like galaxy found in the early universe
Research team, including a UC Riverside astronomer, made the discovery using the James Webb Space Telescope
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brain scans
Scientists tame biological trigger of deadly Huntington’s disease
Huntington’s disease causes dementia, has no cure, and is fatal. UC Riverside scientists show they can slow its progression in flies and worms, opening the door to human treatments.
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D. sechellia on noni
How did a fly species gain sole access to a fruit in the Seychelles?
A UC Riverside-led study offers an answer
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UCR wins grant promoting faculty diversity efforts
UC Riverside’s Evolution, Ecology and Organismal Biology department is one of the recipients of the University of California Advancing Faculty Diversity Program awards for the 2023-24 academic year. The program provides support to increase UC’s faculty diversity efforts. Eight grants, totaling about $2.6 million, were awarded. The Advancing Faculty Diversity program focuses on two priority areas: recruitment and improving the campus climate and retention.
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award icon
2023 ‘Highly Cited’ list celebrates UCR faculty influence
Researchers rank in top 1% worldwide
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Xilin Liang
Physics graduate student wins merit award at national lab
Xilin Liang is stationed at Brookhaven National Lab
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Ernest Martinez
Identification of new signaling pathway advances cancer research
UC Riverside-led study focuses on the oncoprotein MYC
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In honor of California Clean Air Day, UCR’s Office of Sustainability, R'Garden, Metrolink, and the City of Riverside hosted a day-long painting event on Tuesday, Oct. 3, 2023 alongside Riverside muralist Ekaterina Orlovie. Students, staff, faculty, and community members painted this “smog-eating” mural using paint with Photio, a paint additive that helps transform surfaces into air purifying agents. (UCR/Stan Lim)
New mural uses ‘smog-eating’ paint
Colorful illustration promotes the outdoors and sustainable ways to get around campus.
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Stem cell consortium members
UCR joins new regenerative medicine consortium
Consortium will work on accelerating novel regenerative medicine therapies
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Timothy Lyons, distinguished professor of biogeochemistry, is now even more distinguished as this year’s winner of The Geological Society of America’s prestigious Arthur L. Day medal.
UCR biogeochemist to use Yale fellowship to study the Salton Sea
Lyons to research growing global issue of shrinking lakes
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Peter Carney Sean Preins
Physics students win prizes at international conference
Sean Preins and Peter Carney won two of only three awards given at the 2023 Electron-Ion Collider User Group meeting
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