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An aerial view of a dairy farm in Southern California
How drones can help dairy farms manage methane emissions
Accurate atmospheric measurements directly over their farm can help farmers fight climate change
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New technology offers fighting chance against grapevine killer
Scientists at UC Riverside have a shot at eradicating a deadly threat to vineyards posed by the glassy-winged sharpshooter, just as its resistance to insecticide has been growing.
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How genome organization influences cell fate
UC Riverside-led study identifies how blood stem cells maintain their fate
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petrie dishes
Meet the forest microbes that can survive megafires
New UC Riverside research shows fungi and bacteria able to survive redwood tanoak forest megafires are microbial “cousins” that often increase in abundance after feeling the flames.
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melting ice
Lesser known ozone layer’s outsized role in planet warming
New UC Riverside-led research has identified a lesser-known form of ozone playing a big role in heating the Southern Ocean — one of Earth’s main cooling systems.
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masked passenger
To mask, or not to mask?
To gauge whether scientists agree with popular sentiment around mask wearing, we check in here with three UC Riverside virologists and epidemiologists.
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Venus transit
Why Venus rotates, slowly, despite sun’s powerful grip
If not for the soupy, fast-moving atmosphere on Venus, Earth’s sister planet would likely not rotate. Instead, Venus would be locked in place, always facing the sun the way the same side of the moon always faces Earth.
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desert wildflowers
With dwindling water supplies, the timing of rainfall matters 
A new UC Riverside study shows it’s not how much extra water you give your plants, but when you give it that counts. 
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Lynn Sweet
UCR researchers win Climate Resilience and Community Access grant
The Center for Conservation Biology at UC Riverside is among eight recipients of Coachella Valley Mountains Conservancy's new Climate Resilience and Community Access grant program. The $400,000 grant will aid efforts to study climate resilience and improve the capacity to respond to climate change and outdoor equity. The project, titled “The Desert Climate Resilience Initiative for the Coachella Valley,” hopes to improve understanding about the resilience of desert vegetation, desert stored carbon, and natural resources relevant to communities.
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Ying-Hsuan Lin
Study identifies toxic byproduct from vaping of vitamin E acetate
UC Riverside research provides information on chemistry occurring during and post vaping
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Peter Carney
Physics undergraduate accepted into prestigious summer research program at Caltech
Peter Carney will work on an automated locking system for LIGO optomechanical amplifiers
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insect display
UC Riverside scientists dominate entomology society awards
Web of outstanding professionals ensnares top honors
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Yuqi Ma
Gift to UCR enables Interdepartmental Neuroscience Program’s first award
Yuqi Ma, a doctoral student in the Department of Molecular, Cell and Systems Biology, is the first recipient of an award of $10,000 from the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences, or CNAS, made possible by a gift from the Leonard Family Foundation.
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UCR hydrologist receives top honor from American Geophysical Union
Award highlights Professor Jirka Simunek's many contributions to his field
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Marilyn Fogel
UCR distinguished professor receives Geochemical Society’s top honor
Victor M. Goldschmidt Award recognizes major career achievements
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Professor Mary Droser
Paleontology Professor Mary Droser wins National Academy of Sciences medal
Award recognizes outstanding research into ancient life
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