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Program Areas


Agriculture and Natural Resources

Today agriculture encompasses both fundamental and practical research aimed at enhancing our food and water supply, protecting our natural resources, and solving emerging problems that threaten these enterprises.



Isgouhi Kaloshian

Isgouhi Kaloshian

Divisional Dean, Agriculture and Natural Resources

2258E Geology
Telephone: (951) 827-7291


Life Sciences

A revolution is happening in the life sciences, as complexities of diverse organisms and living communities are unraveled through research spanning genes and evolution, biological and biochemical processes, the physiology and dynamics of cells, and the interplay between environment and life's many forms.



Katherine Borkovich

Katherine Borkovich

Divisional Dean, Life Sciences
2258A Geology
Telephone: (951) 827-7289


Physical Sciences & Mathematics

How materials work at the nanoscale, the forces that grip the atom, the earth, and the universe, the mathematical order within data sets, and current issues in algebra and geometry are some of the research areas being explored.



jose wudka

Jose Wudka

Divisional Dean, Physical Sciences and Mathematics

2258C Geology
Telephone: (951) 827-3929


Student Academic Affairs

All undergraduate student support activities including recruiting, advising, enrollment management, and student success are overseen by Student Academic Affairs. Centralized professional academic advising is coupled with faculty advising in CNAS majors to guide undergraduate students through their curricula.  The college also utilizes early engagement and mentoring strategies such as Freshman Learning Communities and summer research experiences to promote retention and graduation in science majors. Transfer student outreach and research experience programming are also employed.


  • Student Recruitment and Outreach
  • Student Enrollment Management
  • Student Success Programs


constance nugent

Constance Nugent

Divisional Dean, Student Academic Affairs

1148 Pierce Hall
Telephone: (951) 827-7294

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