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fruit flies
Fruit fly wing research offers window into birth defects
If fruit fly wings do not develop into the right shape, the flies will die. UC Riverside researchers have learned how fly embryo cells develop as they need to, opening a window into human development and possible treatments for birth defects.  
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Molten planet near star
Squeezed by neighbors, planet glows with molten lava
UC Riverside astrophysicist Stephen Kane had to double check his calculations. He wasn’t sure the planet he was studying could be as extreme as it seemed. He saw a planet in this faraway star system covered with so many active volcanoes that seen from a distance it would take on a fiery, glowing-red hue.
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dehydrated sunflower
Free-forming organelles help plants adapt to climate change
Plants’ ability to sense light and temperature, and their ability to adapt to climate change, hinges on free-forming structures in their cells whose function was, until now, a mystery.
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Hycean world view
Webb telescope probably didn’t find life on an exoplanet — yet
Recent reports of NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope finding signs of life on a distant planet understandably sparked excitement. A new study challenges this finding, but also outlines how the telescope might verify the presence of the life-produced gas.
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A Message from Interim Dean Peter Atkinson

On behalf of the faculty, staff, and students from the College of Natural & Agricultural Sciences at UC Riverside, I welcome you to our college and campus.


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Barry Barish
Honoring Barry Barish with a day rich in physics
UC Riverside honors the distinguished professor and Nobel laureate for receiving a National Medal of Science
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Graduate Division awards
Graduate Division recognizes outstanding students, postdocs, and faculty
Awards were presented April 5
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Tiny motor made from crystallized molecules
Molecular crystal motors move when exposed to light
Potential applications include drug delivery
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Prue Talbot Shabnam Etemadi Ann Song
Graduate students recognized for academic excellence and research achievements
Stipends will support their ongoing research
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