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Nigel Hughes and Mary Droser
Meet UCR’s paleontology power pair
Paleontologist Nigel Hughes has earned one of the highest honors in his field, an achievement made even more remarkable because last year’s winner was another UCR paleontologist — Mary Droser, his wife.
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Scientists can switch on plants’ response to light
Scientists have figured out how plants respond to light and can flip this genetic switch to encourage food growth - even in the dark. The discovery could help increase food supply for an expanding population with shrinking opportunities for farming. 
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UC Riverside receives $5M CIRM grant to train scientists in stem cell research
Training program spans broad range of research areas from basic stem cell biology to translational medicine
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Critical groundwater supplies may never recover from drought
New UC Riverside research shows groundwater takes an average of three years to recover from drought — if it ever recovers at all. In the largest study of its kind, scientists found that this recovery time only applies to aquifers that aren’t touched by human activity, and the recovery time might be even longer in regions with excessive pumping. 
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A Message from Dean Kathryn Uhrich

From its roots in agricultural research, the College continues to expand its scientific reach with a number of internationally ranked programs addressing the most pressing scientific questions of our time …


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Inside UCR

Physicist named a fellow of the American Physical Society
Gillian Wilson, a professor of physics and astronomy, has been named a fellow of the American Physical Society, or APS, “for pioneering techniques and significant contributions to clusters of galaxies, massive
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Engineering and chemistry doctoral students receive prestigious DOE fellowships
The funds will support their research in a DOE lab
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COVID lab at Webber Hall
COVID-19 testing lab moves to larger space
UC Riverside’s COVID-19 testing lab has moved to a larger space at Webber Hall, where the lab team has more than doubled the number of samples it can process. The move was completed Sept. 15, a day before move-in weekend, when the lab tested around 7,000 samples from incoming student residents over a five-day period.
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Equipment grant will support two labs on campus
Boerge Hemmerling and Christopher Bardeen have received an equipment grant of about $214,000 from the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, or AFOSR, for a project titled “High-Flux Source for Aluminum Monochloride with Applications in Material Science.”
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