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bottlebrush tree at UCRBG
Sow good: UC Riverside Botanic Gardens turn 60
This week, UC Riverside’s Botanic Gardens celebrates a major milestone — its 60th anniversary.
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Electron flow
Electrons take flight at the nanoscale
Visualizing electron flow motivates new devices inspired by airplane wings
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Man in hazmat suit fighting COVID
Scientists uncover COVID’s weakness
New UC Riverside research has revealed COVID’s Achilles heel — its dependence on key human proteins for its replication — which can be used to prevent the virus from making people sick. 
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Are we right to be frightened of brain worms?
Has the news about an Australian woman with a living, wriggling roundworm in her brain got you spooked?  After experiencing abdominal pain and night sweats that developed into forgetfulness and depression, the 64-year-old woman was sent to a hospital. An MRI scan did reveal something unusual in her brain, but the roundworm was not discovered until the surgeon peered into her skull. 
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A Message from Interim Dean Peter Atkinson

On behalf of the faculty, staff, and students from the College of Natural & Agricultural Sciences at UC Riverside, I welcome you to our college and campus.


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Inside UCR

Stem cell consortium members
UCR joins new regenerative medicine consortium
Consortium will work on accelerating novel regenerative medicine therapies
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Timothy Lyons, distinguished professor of biogeochemistry, is now even more distinguished as this year’s winner of The Geological Society of America’s prestigious Arthur L. Day medal.
UCR biogeochemist to use Yale fellowship to study the Salton Sea
Lyons to research growing global issue of shrinking lakes
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Peter Carney Sean Preins
Physics students win prizes at international conference
Sean Preins and Peter Carney won two of only three awards given at the 2023 Electron-Ion Collider User Group meeting
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Mauna Kea
Astronomy grant will strengthen ties between UC Riverside and University of Hawaii
NSF funding will support education and training of students at both institutions
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