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Maya mask
Research reveals ancient Maya lessons on surviving drought
A new UC Riverside study casts doubt on drought as the driver of ancient Mayan civilization collapse. 
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Asian citrus psyllid nymphs
Scientists breeding citrus tolerant of deadly disease
A $1.5 million emergency grant is enabling UC Riverside scientists to find plants impervious to a disease threatening America’s citrus fruit supply. 
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H2S reaction, holding nose
Deadliest period in Earth’s history was also the stinkiest
Tiny microbes belching toxic gas helped cause — and prolong — the biggest mass extinction in Earth’s history, a new UC Riverside-led study suggests.
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How diet influences taste sensitivity and preference
What you eat influences your taste for what you might want to eat next. So claims a University of California, Riverside, study performed on fruit flies. The study, published in the Journal of Neuroscience, offers a better understanding of neurophysiological plasticity of the taste system in flies.
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A Message from Dean Kathryn Uhrich

From its roots in agricultural research, the College continues to expand its scientific reach with a number of internationally ranked programs addressing the most pressing scientific questions of our time …


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Inside UCR

Umar Mohideen
Physicist’s experiment makes ‘standard literature’
UC Riverside physicist Umar Mohideen has achieved what few physicists have in their careers: his research has made the “standard literature,” meaning it has become part of the key experiments of physics. “Since it is in textbooks, the experiment is part of the established key experiments,” said Mohideen, a distinguished professor of physics. “It also means the experiment is clear for graduate students to understand.”
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Infectious disease expert recognized for innovation and leadership
For her research excellence and science leadership, Karine Le Roch, the director of the Center for Infectious Diseases and Vector Biology and a professor of molecular, cell and systems biology at UC Riverside, has been awarded the 2021 IIGB Natasha V. Raikhel Award in Research Innovation and Science Leadership.
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Bell tower and Rivera library
A look back at 2021 on campus
UC Riverside began the return to normalcy in 2021 as the campus returned to mostly in-person instruction. Students were happy to see their friends again, families celebrated commencement, and instructors continued to be recognized for their achievements. Stan Lim, UCR photography manager, shares his favorite images from the past year and the stories behind the photos below: Living the Promise
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aerial photo of campus
UCR plan anticipates next phase of campus growth
UC Riverside has completed its 2021 Long Range Development Plan, or 2021 LRDP, a guiding document that will set the stage for the campus to grow student enrollment to 35,000 by 2035. The plan, which was approved by the UC Regents on Nov. 18, also anticipates adding 5.5 million gross square feet in instructional and residential space to support the growth. Campus enrollment as of fall 2021 is 26,800.
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