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CE Specialists

Cooperative Extension Specialists

UCR is one of three land-grant campuses of the UC system, which is administered centrally through the University of California division of Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR). The division of ANR has Cooperative Extension (CE) programs in every county in California providing direct connections between the University and the people of California. CE and Agricultural Experiment Station (AES) faculty conduct research, teaching, and community engagement programs with linkage to our communities through county-based CE programs. The following is a listing by department of UCR CE specialists based in the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences.



  • Botany & Plant Sciences

    CE - Botany & Plant Sciences



    David Grantz.       Peggy Mauk

  • Entomology

    CE - Entomology



    Dong Choe.     Alec Gerry.     Monique Rivera

  • Environmental Sciences

    CE - Environmental Sciences


    David Crohn.    Laosheng Wu

  • Microbiology & Plant Pathology

    CE - Microbiology & Plant Pathology


    Georgios Vidalakis

  • Nematology

    CE - Nematology