The College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences offers a variety of scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in CNAS. Students in the agricultural, life, and physical sciences will find scholarship opportunities in many areas spread across various CNAS departments.

Some scholarships are offered for very specific fields such as citrus virology and citrus pathology, while other opportunities are available to students focusing their research in veterinary medicine, fire science, and analytical chemistry. Although CNAS scholarships are available to all CNAS students, some awards require students to major in one of the following areas: Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Biology, Cell, Molecular & Developmental Biology, Microbiology, Plant Pathology, Plant Biology, and Entomology.

You are encouraged to apply to multiple scholarships, and new scholarships are being added every year to the Scholarship Management System.

Application cycle is closed for 2021


Newly admitted and currently enrolled CNAS undergraduate and graduate students



Starting October 1st, please visit to learn more about the various scholarship opportunities and to begin the application process.



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