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Mathematics for Teachers of Secondary School Major

Mathematics for Teachers of Secondary School is the study of mathematics and the best practices for teaching mathematics at the high school level.

What makes Mathematics for Teachers of Secondary School unique at UCR?




Calteach SMI prepares you for certification. You'll get the opportunity to observe exemplary teaching in local high schools in your education courses!

In general, what are Mathematics for Teachers of Secondary School professors investigating?

  • How can we approximate solutions to equations we cannot solve?
  • What tools can we develop for distinguishing mathematical objects?
  • What patterns can we find by repeating a function?
  • Can you hear the shape of a drum? Are there infinitely many twin primes?

Why Mathematics for Teachers of Secondary School at UCR?


There are lots of opportunities for undergraduate research and independent reading with mathematics graduate students and faculty. We also have a vibrant community of student clubs.

Did you know?

We have 3 scholarships and awards for outstanding math majors.

Mathematics for Teachers of Secondary School research at UCR

  • The research of the math faculty at UCR falls into 4 main areas of mathematics: algebra, analysis, geometry/topology, and partial differential equations/applied math, with some faculty in multiple areas
  • In addition, we have faculty investigating how student attitudes towards mathematics, perceptions of mathematics, and conceptual understanding of mathematics change throughout a mathematics course

What industries can I get into with a Mathematics for Teachers of Secondary School degree?

  • Students who complete a math major have a wide range of professional and academic fields they can pursue after graduation. Their strong analytical skills, problem-solving abilities, and understanding of complex systems make them valuable in many sectors
  • Most students in the MTSS major choose to complete a certification program and become math teachers, but some choose to continue to graduate school in Education, Mathematics, or other fields. Other graduates find jobs in industry

What you should know

Mathematics at the university level goes beyond the computational and formula-based approach often seen in high school. It requires exploring abstract concepts, logical reasoning, and developing rigorous mathematical proofs. The ability to persist through challenges, and to view them as opportunities for growth rather than setbacks, is crucial. Take advantage of the resources available to help you make connections socially and academically.

Undergraduate Majors Mathematics for Teachers of Secondary School Student Studying

Advice for success

Focus on understanding the fundamental concepts thoroughly. Math is cumulative, so a solid grasp of the basics is crucial for tackling more advanced topics. ​​You'll likely encounter difficult topics that require significant effort to understand. Don't be discouraged by these challenges. Persistence and resilience are key in mathematics. Take advantage of the resources available: talk to your professors, TAs, and other classmates. Math is collaborative and interactive. Find a study group and join a club! Get involved with CalTeach SMI and the Tomorrow's Teachers in Science and Math club as soon as you can.

Undergraduate Majors Mathematics for Teachers of Secondary School Professor at Whiteboard

Consider this

A big part of mathematics is not just using formulas but understanding and explaining why things are true. One goal of our upper division courses is to teach you to make these arguments for yourself. The classes designed for MTSS majors also focus on explaining concepts to others, an important skill for your future! Pursuing a degree in mathematics will sharpen your creative thinking, strengthen your analytical skills, and improve your ability to solve complex problems. Consequently, you'll become a more attractive candidate in the job market and stand out in the competitive professional landscape!

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