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Plant Biology Major

Plant Biology is the study of plants and their environment at all levels, from ecosystems to species to cells to genes to molecules. Plant biology provides critical knowledge needed to help feed the world and preserve natural environments.

What makes Plant Biology unique at UCR?



Plant Biology undergraduates have access to research experiences guided by approachable world-class faculty in state-of-the-art research facilities. Students can take advantage of high-tech greenhouses, field sites, and botanical gardens, and participate in research using cutting-edge core instrumentation for advanced ecological approaches, genomics, imaging, proteomics, metabolomics, biotechnology and bioinformatics.


In general, what are Plant Biology professors investigating?

  • How to protect crops from environmental stresses
  • How to mitigate climate change impacts
  • How to design better crops and improve their productivity
  • How to protect wild species from extinction risk
  • How to preserve biological diversity
  • Basic mechanisms of plant cell function

Why Study Plant Biology at UCR?


A diverse, academically excellent department with high-impact research in all aspects of plant biology. Choose from different areas of specialization to tailor coursework to best fit your interests. Faculty are eager to mentor undergraduates in a wide range of different research areas.

Did you know?

  • • The majority of medicinal drugs are based on plant molecules

  • • Plants have been at the forefront of major scientific breakthroughs throughout history

  • • Also, plants are fascinating in many ways!

3+1+1 Program

Our major is linked to a certified international program providing undergraduates from foreign institutions one year of advanced plant biology coursework and research experiences as well as English language training and preparation for U.S. graduate schools. Graduates of this program have the option to apply to our Plant Biology MS or PhD programs.

Plant Biology research at UCR

  • Plant genetics and breeding for crop improvement
  • Plant genomes and evolution
  • Plant response to environmental factors
  • Plant ecology and ecosystem conservation
  • Molecular basis of plant life
  • Plant diseases and immunity
  • Plant development and morphology

What kinds of job can I get with a Plant Biology degree?

  • Plant Biology graduates have gone into careers in industry (Biotechnology, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Agricultural, or Energy)
  • K-12 Education
  • Academia
  • Research
  • Environmental Protection
  • Land Management
  • Health Professions

What can I do with a Plant Biology degree?

Undergraduate Majors Plant Biology - Researcher

A degree in Plant Biology provides an excellent background for students wishing to directly enter the workforce or to continue their education in graduate, medical and other professional schools. A degree in Plant Biology can take you anywhere, including Medical School!

What you should know

This program is full of rewards, including authentic research experiences. The department is one of the top Plant Biology institutions in the world.

Undergraduate Majors Plant Biology - Research Lab

Advice for success

Learn about the different labs and develop a relationship with the researchers and graduate students. Explore different areas in plant biology to find your passion.

Undergraduate Majors Plant Biology - Researchers at Microscope

Consider this

UCR was originally created as an agricultural research station and has a long history of research on crops such as citrus and avocados. Stop by Batchelor hall for samples of citrus, avocado, pomegranates, and more!

Available Minor in Plant Biology

Plant Biology Minor

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