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Biology Major

Biology is the study of life, through space and time, from the tiny chemical building blocks that make up life, all the way up to the biosphere.

What makes Biology unique at UCR?



UCR is a land-grant institution with a strong applied focus in Botany, Entomology and Microbiology and Plant Pathology. Faculty from across the life sciences teach classes within the Biology major.

In general, what are Biology professors investigating?

  • How does life evolve?
  • How are ecosystems put together?
  • What effects will climate change have on all of life, including us?
  • How does DNA work?
  • How do species form, and what prevents them from merging back together?
  • How do Geckos run, frogs jump and hummingbirds fly?
  • How do muscles contract?

Why Biology at UCR?


The Biology Major has particular strengths in Conservation Biology, Genomics, Ecology, and Physiology. Students can choose from a wide array of classes that train for each of these fields.

Did you know?

The biology major is the largest major at UC Riverside.

Biology research at UCR

  • How owls fly quietly
  • How forest dynamics are changing in response to climate change
  • How captive populations of Tigers are experiencing genomic changes
  • How Geckos run and how alligator lizards can bite for days
  • The genomics of ants: how a "supergene" can control ant sex
  • How placentas coevolve to control the mother, and vice versa
  • Why some male mice help their mates raise offspring
  • What happens when you make a mouse that really, REALLY likes to run on a wheel
  • How frogs jump

What industries can I get into with a Biology degree?

  • Graduate School
  • Nursing School
  • Medical School
  • Pharmacy School
  • Physical therapy School
  • Dental School
    These are called the "allied Health professional schools"

What can I do with a Biology degree?

Undergraduate Majors Biology Forensics

Graduates with a Biology degree from UCR have obtained positions in a variety of biotech companies, state and federal agencies, and academic research labs. Additionally many move on to graduate training in the allied health professions, academic research fields, and law school.

What you should know

Starting soon, Biology will offer Human Anatomy, alongside their Human Physiology courses. This means that Biology majors can take a full year of Human Anatomy and Physiology, which is needed for some post-secondary schools such as nursing school.

Forensic Lab Students in the Field

Advice for success

Learn how to study! This isn't high school. Also, most of your professors actually do want you to succeed. Don't be intimidated by office hours. (or if you are intimidated, go anyway).

Gloved hands doing pipet work in biochemistry lab

Consider this

While the intro courses are large, the upper division courses are small and worth it.

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