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Entomology Major

Entomology is the study of all things related to insects, the most diverse form of life on the planet.

What makes Entomology unique at UCR?



Working with insects of course! You will have the opportunity to work with individual faculty in their labs and be involved in cutting edge research in a variety of natural, urban, and agricultural environments. Our class sizes are small and cover a diverse range of topics related to insect science. You will be working in modern state-of-the-art facilities including one of the largest insect museums in North America. Opportunities abound for travel and presenting your research results at regional and national scientific conferences. Finally, our program is the only Entomology program to offer a combined five year BS/MS degree as an option.


In general, what are Entomology professors investigating?

Entomology faculty conduct research across a very diverse range of the life sciences. This includes developing genetic approaches to prevent insects from transmitting diseases. Faculty are developing an understanding of the role and importance of both native pollinators and honey bees. Others are investigating and developing new environmentally safe approaches for controlling pests of agricultural plants, domestic animals, humans, and urban structures. Still others are involved in very basic biological questions such as what controls insect development, how do insect navigate, what are the roles of insect endosymbionts, what drives and limits insect behaviors, and what are the evolutionary and phylogenetic relationships between insects and other organisms.

Why Entomology at UCR?


Our department is consistently rated as one of the top Entomology departments in the world. Our major is relatively small which allows each and every student the ability to work in one or more faculty members' labs while developing their own research program. The individualized attention and tremendous opportunities ensures student success and satisfaction. All students are required to do undergraduate research topic that allows them to train with the top scientists in their field.

Did you know?

Insects are the dominant form of life on the planet with an estimate of ten million species. They are human’s greatest competitors for resources, vectors of very serious plant and animal diseases, but also essential for food production and maintaining the functioning and integrity of the terrestrial ecosystems of the world. Being an entomologist means you will never run out of interesting things to do!

4+1 Program

The BS/MS (4+1) program allows students to earn both a BS and a research MS degree in five years. Students begin their MS research program in their senior year as an undergraduate and complete remaining coursework, research and write their thesis in year five. It is an outstanding opportunity to immerse oneself in research and be fully prepared to move on to other advanced studies in a large number of fields or to be exceptionally competitive in the public and private sector in their chosen area of research.

Entomology research at UCR

Entomology is an exciting, multidisciplinary science that focuses on insects and their relationship to other organisms, humans, and the environment. We seek to understand the roles of insects in natural, agricultural, and urban environments. Using insects as model systems across multiple ecosystems, we are constantly answering fundamental questions that greatly increase our understanding of genetics, genomics, neuroscience, ecology, behavior, evolution, physiology and systematics. From an applied perspective, the incorporation of a wide variety of scientific approaches in our studies allows us to bring these approaches to solve societal and ecological problems such as: preventing plant and animal disease transmission; ensuring a safe, reliable, and sustainable supply of food, fiber and natural products; protecting and enhancing natural biodiversity.

What industries can I get into with an Entomology degree?


A major in Entomology is often referred to an a "Biologist with a job"! Entomology students have gone on to work as wildlife biologists with the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the California Department of Fish and Game, the Department of Defense, the Department of the Interior, and various NGOs. Others have gone to work as field/lab biologists for the California Department of Food and Agriculture, the US Department of Agriculture, the US Forest Service, the California Department of Pesticide Regulation, the US Food and Drug Administration, and a very wide variety of private companies with interests ranging from food production to public health, and from land management to bioinformatics and data science.

What can I do with an Entomology degree?

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Upon graduations, our major prepares you for a tremendous variety of jobs within Federal, State, local governmental agencies and the private sector. Additionally, our major fully prepares students for entry into medical, dental, pharmacy, and graduate schools.

What you should know

If you like working and being in both the laboratory and field settings and think you might enjoy biological research, this is the place for you.

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Advice for success

Get involved! We have an outstanding undergraduate club that is exceptionally welcoming and supporting. Get involved in hands-on laboratory research as soon as possible!

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Consider this

We offer a wealth of research opportunities that provide you the background and training to do pretty much whatever you want after graduation. It is hard work, but you will have fun getting there.

Available Minor in Entomology

Entomology Minor

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