Discover UCR Day 2022 with CNAS Science Ambassadors

Discover UCR 2022

On October 22, campus hosted its fall open house—Discover UCR—for first-year and transfer students interested in applying to and attending UC Riverside. During Discover UCR, students and families connected with student success resources and campus organizations. They also had the opportunity to meet with professors, advisors, and current students from various UCR colleges. The CNAS...
By Andrew Nguyen, CNAS Science Ambassador |
Welcome Week 2022

Tips from a UCR Alumna to Start Off the School Year

The first day of college can be full of many emotions whether it’s a newfound sense of independence, eagerness to attend classes, or being away from home for the first time. This is part of what the college experience is all about. Throughout your time here at UCR, you will have the opportunity to grow...
By Kathryn Aquino |
CNAS Awards 2022

CNAS Awards 2022

Each year, the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences honors students who have demonstrated outstanding achievements and accomplishments throughout their time at UCR. Below are the descriptions of each award and the award winners. Congratulations to our students! Rosemary S.J. Schraer Award In honor of Rosemary S.J. Schraer, who served as UCR Chancellor from 1987-1992...
Transfer Students - Nour Homsi and Selim Zoorob

Graduating CNAS Students on Finding Success as Transfer Students

As a new transfer student walking onto the UCR campus, things may seem overwhelming. You might ask yourself why you are at UCR and what resources are available on campus that will guide you to the path of success as you navigate the rest of your undergraduate career here.
By Frances Wong |
CNAS Transition Peer Mentors Team

Spotlight: Meet the CNAS Transition Peer Mentors Team

The CNAS Transition Advising Program provides specialized academic advising and programming to UCR students who are considering or are in the process of switching majors. In this edition of the CNAS Blog, the CNAS Transition Peer Mentors and the CNAS Transition Advisor share their experience and offer guidance to help CNAS transition students navigate through...
By Kathryn Aquino |

SciCommUCR Beyond the Bench Podcast with Dean Kathryn Uhrich

SCICOMMUCR/BEYOND THE BENCH PODCAST - SciCommUCR is a student organization working to communicate science in creative ways and bring science communication training to the University of California, Riverside community. In 2019, SciCommUCR started with their communication workshop, Let's Talk Science. They are currently producing the second season of their podcast, Beyond the Bench. Beyond the...
Mark Hanin with Scotty

Student Spotlight: Mark Hanin

Name: Mark Hanin Major: Biology Graduation Year: 2021 Describe the research you participated in as an undergraduate. I conducted a comparative research project on how the living standards in both South Africa and Nigeria can help explain the differences in their public health policies, where I looked at and compared both nations’ infant mortality rates...
Alejandro Cortez

Scientist in the Classroom: Alejandro (Alex) Cortez

Name: Alejandro (Alex) Cortez Undergraduate Education: University of California, Riverside, Bachelor of Science in Biology and Psychology minor (2002) Graduate Education: University of California, Riverside, Master of Science in Evolution, Ecology. and Organismal Biology (2009) Hometown: Guadalajara, Mexico and Riverside, CA Alejandro shared about his career journey, passion for outreach, and experiences with undergraduate students...
By Elizabeth Hann and Alejandro Cortez |
CUSP slider with Prue Talbot

CUSP: Accepting Scholar applications October 15 - November 15

CUSP: Career Mentoring of Underrepresented STEM Students for the Professoriate The College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences at UC Riverside is launching CUSP, a pilot project funded by the UC-HSI Doctoral Diversity Initiative (UC-HSI DDI) to provide mentoring and career development to graduate students who are interested in becoming professors and are from groups typically...
By CNAS Communications Staff |
Fall colors, UCR sign, CNAS Scholarships 2020-2021

CNAS Scholarships: Accepting applications October 1 - 31

The College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences offers a variety of scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in CNAS. Students in the agricultural, life, and physical sciences will find scholarship opportunities in many areas spread across various CNAS departments. Some scholarships are offered for very specific fields such as citrus virology and citrus pathology...
By CNAS Communications Staff |
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