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Exotic Australian fruit may help save Florida's citrus industry

NPR -- There's some good news in the long-running battle against a disease that's devastated Florida's signature crop, oranges. Researchers are developing tools to help control citrus greening, a disease that has killed thousands of acres of orange and grapefruit trees. One of the most promising treatments was recently developed in a fruit most people...
By Greg Allen | NPR |

A UC Riverside researcher may have discovered a way to save our citrus trees

LOS ANGELES TIMES -- Attention home gardeners: Our beloved citrus trees may yet be saved from the incurable huanglongbing, a.k.a. HLB or citrus greening disease, thanks to natural immunities found in a rare and flavorful relative known as the Australian finger lime. After five years of study, a team of UC Riverside researchers led by...
By Jeanette Marantos | Los Angeles Times |

Plant vesicles inspire methods to protect crops

NATURE OUTLOOK -- Biologists studying extracellular RNA (exRNA) — and the tiny spherical structures known as exosomes that shuttle this genetic information from cell to cell — typically focus on mammals. As long ago as the 1960s, however, scientists found that plant cells also generate vesicles that carry cargo out of the cell membrane. But...
By Roxanne Khamsi | Nature Outlook: Extracellular RNA |