Matter in the universe

The 10 biggest (non-COVID!) science stories you might have missed in 2020

UC NEWS -- 2020’s news cycle was dominated by COVID-19 stories, and for good reason: It’s been a year like no other. However, there were plenty of groundbreaking discoveries in 2020 that didn’t get the spotlight they deserved. These stories would have been big news in any other year, but were often overshadowed by the...
By Rana Freedman | University of California News |
Matter in the universe

How much Matter Is in the Universe? Scientists finally find the number

POPULAR MECHANICS -- Scientists say they’ve calculated an answer to one of the thorniest questions in all of cosmology and physics: how much matter is in the universe? To find the best answer, the University of California, Riverside researchers combined robust mathematical models with existing knowledge of galaxy clusters, which helped them find the most...
By Caroline Delbert | Popular Mechanics |
Diversity /

Physics and Astronomy joins elite group promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion

The UCR Department of Physics and Astronomy has been accepted to the American Physical Society Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Alliance, or APS-IDEA, joining a consortium of physics departments, laboratories, and research collaborations committed to improving equity, diversity, and inclusion. APS-IDEA, a network of nearly 100 institutions worldwide, addresses long-standing, systemic barriers that have led to...
By Iqbal Pittalwala | Inside UCR |
Composite image of the Abell 2597 galaxy cluster (European Southern Observatory)

What's the matter with the Universe? Scientists have the answer

MSN NEWS -- A team of US astrophysicists has produced one of the most precise measurements ever made of the total amount of matter in the Universe, a longtime mystery of the cosmos. The answer, published in The Astrophysical Journal on Monday, is that matter accounts for 31.5 percent -- give or take 1.3 percent...
By Issam Ahmed | AFP |
Dr. Ken Barish in Physics 2000 classroom

CNAS meets Living the Promise campaign goal

A gift made anonymously to the Department of Physics and Astronomy at UC Riverside has helped the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences, or CNAS, in which the department is housed, meet and surpass its goal of raising $100 million toward the $300 million Living the Promise campaign, the university’s first ever comprehensive fundraising campaign...
By Iqbal Pittalwala | Inside UCR |
Virtual telescope

The new pandemic hobby: gazing at the stars

WALL STREET JOURNAL -- It's too hot to bake yet another peach pie and too late in the season to start a victory garden, but it is a prime time to ponder the night sky. More than 60 places around the country have been designated as exemplary stargazing sites by the International Dark-Sky Association, which...
By Adam H. Graham | Wall Street Journal |
Dr. Nathaniel Gabor with "monster model"

Creating through crises

As the coronavirus pandemic continues across the U.S., many are finding that discovering and engaging in creative hobbies offers a welcome outlet for stress and anxiety. But sustaining the motivation to create during times of high stress can be challenging. Members of the UCR community share the ways they have been exploring their own creativity...
By Jessica Weber | UCR News |
Dr. Haibo Yu

Grant awarded to physicist to explore the dark sector

The John Templeton Foundation has supported research on a diverse range of subjects including creativity, forgiveness, and free will. Dark matter — nonluminous material in space that is understood to constitute 85 percent of the matter in the universe — can now be added to the list. The foundation has awarded UC Riverside physicist Hai-Bo...
By Iqbal Pittalwala | Inside UCR |
Green leaf with water drops

Plants are green because they reject harmful colors

INSIDE SCIENCE -- Forget showing your true colors -- plants are green precisely because they don’t appreciate the type of energy that falls within the green spectrum. Researchers have long understood that plants use sunlight to photosynthesize carbon dioxide and water into food. But they didn’t know exactly why photosynthesizing organisms such as plants appear...
By Joshua Learn | Inside Science |
Many-body image

Postdoctoral researcher awarded American Physical Society fellowship

Yunjin Choi, a postdoctoral researcher at UC Riverside, is a recipient of the 2019-20 M. Hildred Blewett Fellowship awarded by the American Physical Society, or APS, to enable women to return to physics research after having had an interruption in their careers. Choi, who works with Shan-Wen Tsai, an associate professor in the Department of...
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