Mark Hanin with Scotty

Student Spotlight: Mark Hanin

Name: Mark Hanin Major: Biology Graduation Year: 2021 Describe the research you participated in as an undergraduate. I conducted a comparative research project on how the living standards in both South Africa and Nigeria can help explain the differences in their public health policies, where I looked at and compared both nations’ infant mortality rates...
CNAS Alumnus Bharat Rai

CNAS Alumni in Action: Bharat Rai

Name: Bharat Rai Undergraduate Major and Graduation Year: Biology, 2020 Graduate School: University of Southern California (USC) Masters of Science (M.S.) Translational Biotechnology Hometown: Camarillo, CA Website: Having recently graduated in 2020 with a B.S. degree in Biology, please share your experience as an undergraduate, and how did the COVID-19 pandemic impact your last...
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Dr. Pedram Salimpour ’90: 2020 Alumni Service Award

Dr. Pedram Salimpour ’90 receives 2020 UCR Alumni Service Award

The UCR Alumni Service Award honors superior service in the public sector or a sustained pattern of volunteer service in the community, arts, or for the benefit of UCR that has positively represented the university and fellow citizens. Dr. Pedram Salimpour serves as Chairman, CEO, and co-founder of Pierce Health Solutions, a California-based company focused...
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