California Native Plant Society announces 2019-2020 Education Grant Recipients

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[Christopher Cosma, graduate student in the UCR Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology (EEOB) department received a California Native Plant Society award for his work on linking plant-plant interactions with plant-pollinator interactions in California’s Colorado Desert.]


Each year, CNPS awards education grants to student researchers focused on California native plants. We were amazed at the number and caliber of applicants for the CNPS research grants this year, which also means our committee had to make some tough decisions. It gives us such hope that important work in the botanical field continues to be explored and researched year after year.  CNPS is proud to present this year’s grant recipients, and we wish to thank the generous donors who’ve made these grants possible!


Meet the awardees


Amelia Lawrence

Carolyn Mills

Chris Cosma

Christina Varnava

Jacob Ewald

Keir Morse

Maria Jesus

Laura Lampe

Martin Purdy

Megan Szojka

Morgan Stickrod

Nina House




Thank you the 2019-2020 Education Grants Committee for their expertise and thoughtful review.

Steve Schoenig – Chair
David Keil
Steven Serkanic
Nick Jensen
Amy Patten


Education Grants are due on October 31 each year. Chapters and partners offer grants throughout the year. Learn more about student grants.

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