SciCommUCR Beyond the Bench Podcast with Dean Kathryn Uhrich

SCICOMMUCR/BEYOND THE BENCH PODCAST  - SciCommUCR is a student organization working to communicate science in creative ways and bring science communication training to the University of California, Riverside community. In 2019, SciCommUCR started with their communication workshop, Let's Talk Science. They are currently producing the second season of their podcast, Beyond the Bench

Beyond the Bench
Beyond the Bench explores the stories behind scientists and their work. University of California, Riverside graduate students and science experts from a wide range of fields discuss what it's like to work as a scientist and the questions that drive their curiosity.

Science, Teaching, and Innovation from the Perspective of College Dean Kathryn Uhrich
In this episode of Beyond the Bench, hosts Madison Sankovitz and Monique Rivera talk with CNAS Dean Kathryn Uhrich on a wide range of topics including: How does one person lead a career that involves serving hundreds of faculty as dean of schools in two universities, creating over 70 U.S. and international patents, and publishing 140 peer-reviewed papers? What is it like to work at the intersection of academia and corporate business?  Dean Uhrich also discusses the chemistry that initially inspired her to invent polymers for various industries (including drug delivery and personal care), what mentorship has meant throughout her career, and what it's like to be the dean of a college.

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