Tips from a UCR Alumna to Start Off the School Year

By Kathryn Aquino |

The first day of college can be full of many emotions whether it’s a newfound sense of independence, eagerness to attend classes, or being away from home for the first time. This is part of what the college experience is all about. Throughout your time here at UCR, you will have the opportunity to grow as an individual, evolve into adulthood, and learn from experiences. As a recent UCR alumnae, here are some tips to get the school year off on the right foot.

Be Prepared:

  • Be sure to have all the materials you need to set yourself up for success
  • Come to class prepared and be ready to learn the material

Remain Informed:

  • Regularly monitor your UCR email account for important updates from professors, your advisors, college news, and events
  • Bookmark the UCR Academic Calendar website. This page is full of important dates and deadlines that will help guide you through each quarter
  • Take the time to visit other UCR websites. Most, if not every page, has a dedicated “FAQ” section that can help address any questions you may have already had


  • Join chats —  whether it is a Discord Server for your residence hall or GroupMe for a discussion section or lecture
  • Attend events when possible. These are created specifically for students to relieve stress and have fun to better enjoy the college experience
  • Join clubs and organizations. This is where you can find others on campus that share your similar interests

Stay Organized:

  • Develop a routine in which you can follow; only you know your limits
  • Incorporate the use of a calendar to remain structured in your coursework and personal life


  • Week 0 is the perfect time to walk around campus and learn of the many resources available to students. During this introductory week, feel free to find the location of your classes whether it is a lecture, discussion, lab, or seminar. This will save you the time and trouble of arriving late to class once Week 1 commences.

These are just a few helpful tips you may use and follow throughout your journey here to make your experience at UCR smoother. 

Good luck Highlanders!


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