Summer Research Opportunities: CNAS Scholars Fellows

By Kathryn Aquino |

For most UCR students, their time on campus starts in the fall and ends after spring quarter.  However, as many CNAS students know, summers at UCR are full of several exciting opportunities, such as enrolling in summer session courses, taking part in an internship, or participating in one of the many summer research programs including the CNAS Scholars Fellows Program, which is part of RISE — Research in Science and Engineering.

The CNAS Scholars Fellows Program is a 10-week paid summer experience that is open to students who participated in the CNAS Learning Community during their first year at UCR. Every year, 10 students are selected to take part in this research program and receive a $5,000 stipend. The CNAS Scholars Fellows Program grants students the opportunity to work with UCR faculty members in a variety of fields including math, biology, earth sciences, etc. 
Since the program demands 40-hour long weeks, it is important that students focus on the CNAS Scholars Fellows Program and do not have any other major time commitments during the summer. This allows students the ability to focus on their proposed research topic with a UCR faculty member, who serves as their mentor throughout the program.

Along with the research aspect of the program, the CNAS Scholars Fellowship provides an additional resource which includes a series of workshops. These workshops offer professional development training within the field of research. Those who wish to pursue a career in research, may benefit greatly from these workshops as they provide information on the ethics of research, tips on how to connect with faculty, teaching, and lab techniques. Workshops are also a great opportunity for networking as students in other RISE programs attend the workshops as well.

At the end of the 10 weeks, students in the CNAS Scholars Fellows Program and all the other RISE programs take part in the RISE Symposium. Students that participate in the RISE Symposium prepare oral presentations with visual aids and an abstract of their research. 

By offering students the opportunity and resources to pursue their interests in research, the CNAS Scholars Fellows program serves as a foundation for their future careers and endeavors. 


Additional Information

For more information regarding the CNAS Scholars Fellows please visit: 

CNAS Scholars Fellows Program Application Requirements

  • The applicant must obtain a letter of commitment from a faculty member
  • Must have been in a CNAS Learning Community throughout their first year
  • Must attend a workshop via Canvas held in Winter quarter as part of the application process 
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