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Four professors honored with Senate Faculty Awards

Four UC Riverside faculty members were honored by the Graduate Division and Academic Senate with 2019-20 Senate Faculty Awards (three of them CNAS faculty), announced in a letter on June 16. Kate Sweeny, a professor of psychology; and Flip Tanedo, an assistant professor of physics and astronomy; both received the Commitment to Graduate Diversity Award...
By Imran Ghori | Inside UCR |

This worm-like creature is the first ancestor on the human and animal family tree

CNN -- Evidence of a worm-like creature about the size of a grain of rice has been uncovered in South Australia, and researchers believe it is the oldest ancestor on the family tree that includes humans and most animals. The creature lived 555 million years ago. It's considered to be the earliest bilaterian. Bilaterians are...
By Ashley Strickland| CNN |