Banking California desert plant seeds for the future

SPECTRUM NEWS 1 - The California Desert makes up about 28% of the state’s land area and contains about 38% of the native plant species within the state. Researchers say wildfires and climate change can have an enormous impact on desert species. That’s why the Mojave Desert Land Trust has been busy collecting seeds from...
By Jo Kwon | Spectrum News 1 |

Joshua Tree National Park is more popular than ever — but its namesake trees are facing extinction

VOGUE — In a wilderness area at the northwest corner of Joshua Tree National Park, ecologist Lynn Sweet treks across the high desert as raucous pinyon jays swoop overhead. She navigates carefully across the landscape of blackbrush and fragrant junipers to inspect the stump of a Joshua tree. Much of the tree’s trunk, branches, and...
By Miles W. Griffis | VOGUE |
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