UCR Citrus Gifts

UCR Citrus Gifts expands online with citrus and honey-infused marmalades, soaps, and more

The fruits of UC Riverside’s research are even easier to enjoy with the Citrus Gifts collection expanding its line of products and making them available online. The collection, featuring marmalades and olive oils from citrus and bee research, have been sold in campus stores for about six years. In June, the campus began selling them...
By Imran Ghori | UCR News |
UCR Citrus Gifts

Citrus Gifts Delivered To Your Door!

Just in time to celebrate your new grad, Citrus Gifts are now available for online ordering at citrusgifts.ucr.edu! Citrus Gifts are made with produce from the University of California, Riverside (UCR) Citrus Variety Collection, one of the world’s most diverse living collections of citrus species, and the bee hives managed by UCR Entomology's Center for...
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In the Noah’s Ark of citrus, caretakers try to stave off a fruit apocalypse

LOS ANGELES TIMES - It has been described as a Noah’s Ark for citrus: two of every kind. Spread over 22 acres, UC Riverside’s 113-year-old Givaudan Citrus Variety Collection was founded as a place to gather and study as many citrus specimens as possible — right now, the inventory numbers at over 1,000. It’s an...
By Gustavo Arellano | Los Angeles Times |
Virtual citrus testing (c) UCR / Holly Ober

Givaudan brings its Virtual Taste Trek to Riverside

Imagine enjoying the sights and scents of a springtime stroll across the UC Riverside campus and through the Givaudan Citrus Variety Collection, except you’re sitting at a desk. Wearing virtual reality goggles. And inhaling artificial aromas carefully constructed to replicate the real thing. Givaudan, the flavor and scent company that donated $3.5 million to protect...
By Holly Ober | Inside UCR |
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