Sweater-eating moths are an unbeatable enemy

THE ATLANTIC - Every year, beginning around the end of March, my household starts planning a massacre. Our targets are our home’s clothes moths: My spouse and I lay pheromone-laced traps in the closets, living room, and bedrooms; we—and our two cats—go on alert for any stray speckle of brown on a cream-colored wall. The...
By Katherine J. Wu | The Atlantic |

Termites can't hide from heat and essential oils, finds UCCE study

UC ANR - Termites can eat you out of house and home by chewing through wood and weakening the structure. The results of a new termite study led by entomologists at UC Riverside may enable homeowners to rid their homes of termites with a safer, effective pest control approach. “Combining a volatile essential oil with...
By Pamela Kan-Rice | UC Agricultural & Natural Resources |
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