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Geothermal power plant
Producing Electricity From Natural Geothermal Steam
UC Riverside's Wilfred Elders recently convened an international geothermal workshop to promote a collaborative initiative to develop higher enthalpy geothermal systems in the United States     Wilfred Elders, a professor emeritus of geology at the University of California, Riverside, convened the “International Geothermal…


Welcome New CNAS Faculty sign (c) UCR
9 New Faculty Join CNAS
During the last year, nine assistant professors have joined the CNAS faculty. Their names and departments accompany their photos, below.   Emma Aronson Assistant Professor of Plant Pathology & Microbiology Christopher Clark Assistant Professor of Biology…


Ray Bailey (c) UCR
Scientist Honored by City of Riverside
UC Riverside's Anandasankar Ray is presented the Mayor's Innovation Honoree award for October 2013 The University of California, Riverside’s Anandasankar Ray was recognized yesterday (Oct. 8) as the Innovation Honoree of the Month by the City of Riverside. Ray, an associate professor of entomology, received the award from …


CNAS Subject Areas Bring High Rankings to UCR
UCR has garnered 72nd place in life sciences and 85th in physical sciences, in the 2013-14 London Times Higher Education World University Rankings of research universities around the globe. Released October 2, the annual study evaluates “world-class universities across all of their core missions—teaching, research, knowledge…


Andandasankar Ray (c) L. Duka
Scientists Find Insect DEET Receptors, Develop Safe Alternatives to DEET (Ray)
UC Riverside research has large implications for controlling insect-born diseases worldwide   RIVERSIDE, Calif. — Insects are repelled by N,N-diethyl-m-toluamide, also known as DEET.  But exactly which olfactory receptors insects use to sense DEET has eluded scientists for long. Now researchers at the University of California,…


cooked weevil larvae (c) Hoddle Lab / UCR
Eating Insects: Like Them Stir Fried or Curried?
UC Riverside's Mark Hoddle helps Canadian research team win the Hult Prize On Sept. 23, the Clinton Global Initiative awarded the Hult Prize, worth $1 million, to a team of student entrepreneurs at McGill University, Canada.  Mark Hoddle, the director of the Center for Invasive Species Research at the University of California…


Harry Green (c) Green Lab / UCR
Geologists Simulate Deep Earthquakes in the Laboratory
UC Riverside-French team simulates deep earthquakes in the laboratory, confirming phase transition of olivine is trigger for earthquakes occurring at depths below 400 kilometers. More than 20 years ago, geologist Harry Green, now a distinguished professor of the graduate division at the University of California, Riverside, and…


Siana inside a telescope mirror (c) Barbara Schaefer / Keck Observatory
2013-09-16 Research Project to Capture Infrared View of Distant Universe (Siana, Reddy)
UC Riverside astronomers begin large survey of distant galaxies using new instrument. Astronomers at the University of California, Riverside have received a three-year grant from the National Science Foundation to conduct a very large new survey of galaxies using a new instrument — MOSFIRE — on the Keck I telescope at the…


Entomology Society of America logo
Entomological Society of America honors Stouthamer, Paine
The 2013 awards will be presented at the society’s annual meeting in Austin, Texas, in November. Richard Stouthamer, a professor of entomology, was honored with the Recognition Award in Entomology, which recognizes entomologists who are making significant contributions to agriculture. The award is sponsored by Syngenta Crop…


Stacey Nwagbara explaining her research (c) I. Pittalwala / UCR
Annual Symposium Brings Out the Best in Undergraduate Research (Cardullo)
The 2013 Summer Research In Science and Engineering (RISE) Symposium, held at the University of California, Riverside campus on Tuesday, Aug. 27, showcased some of the best undergraduate research being done at the university in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields. The symposium marked the end of a …