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Make a difference and give to CNAS on Giving Tuesday 2019

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Consider donating to the College on December 3:

Giving Tuesday is an International Day of Giving that celebrates organizations who transform their communities and the world around us.  In the spirit of Giving Tuesday, consider making a donation to the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences which supports world-renowned scholars pursuing research that deepens our knowledge of the universe we live in and improves the quality of life for inhabitants of the state, the nation, and the world. Central to this research is educating the students who come to CNAS to learn science, and leave with an integrated grasp of how they can change the world.

For Giving Tuesday, show your Highlander Spirit and make a gift to the CNAS Science Ambassadors Outreach Programs or the Save the Geodesic Dome in UCR's Botanic Gardens

The CNAS Science Ambassador Program is a great opportunity for undergraduate students to represent UC Riverside’s College of Natural & Agricultural Sciences Undergraduate Programs to our internal and external communities. Their outreach to local K-12 students helps to promote science and higher education. Please join them by supporting their mission. 

As a part of the UC Riverside campus, the Botanic Gardens is utilized for teaching, research, and demonstration purposes, as well as for enjoyment and appreciation of nature. The Geodesic Dome campaign will raise funds to reopen the geodesic dome in the Botanic Gardens. The beloved dome, which was built in 1984, is currently closed and needs structural repairs. Support the dome by making a donation today!

Gifts of any size are welcomed and appreciated. 


Click on a button to make your online donation:


SUPPORT CNAS Science Ambassadors Outreach Programs

SISTERS Program Visits Campbell Learning Lab (c) UCR


Save the Geodesic Dome in UCR's Botanic Gardens

UCR Botanic Gardens Geodesic Dome


Thank you so much for your support :-)