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Chancellor honors promoted faculty members

By CNAS Communications |


UC Riverside Chancellor Kim A. Wilcox honored over 50 faculty members for their promotions at a ceremony Oct. 7 at the  Chancellor’s Residence.

Here are the honorees in the College of Natural & Agricultural Sciences:


Emma L. Aronson     |    Microbiology and Plant Pathology    |    Promotion to Associate Professor (Tenure)

George D. Becker    |     Physics and Astronomy      |      Promotion to Associate Professor (Tenure)

Christopher J. Clark    |     Evolution, Ecology and Organismal Biology   |   Promotion to Associate Professor (Tenure)

Erin Wilson Rankin    |     Entomology       |     Promotion to Associate Professor (Tenure)

Hai-Bo Yu       |      Physics and Astronomy       |     Promotion to Associate Professor (Tenure)

Matthew Daugherty     |     Entomology        |       Promotion to Full CE Specialist and Full Agronomist

Wee Liang Gan     |     Mathematics        |      Promotion to Full Professor

Venugopala (Reddy) R. Gonehal    |    Botany and Plant Sciences      |     Promotion to Full Professor

Daniel (Dan) Jeske     |      Statistics        |       Advancement to Professor, Step VI

James E. Adaskaveg       |     Microbiology & Plant Pathology     |     Advancement to Professor, Step VII

Sean R. Cutler       |     Botany & Plant Sciences      |       Advancement to Above Scale, Distinguished Professor

Marilyn Louise Fogel     |    Earth & Planetary Sciences      |      Advancement to Above Scale, Distinguished Professor

Yinsheng Wang      |       Chemistry        |         Advancement to Above Scale, Distinguished Professor