Scientists Discover New Insect-Killing Worm, Promises Eco-Friendly Pest Control

By John Lopez | Tech Times |

TECH TIMES - Scientists at UC Riverside have unveiled a new weapon in the fight against crop pests: a tiny nematode species capable of infecting and eliminating insects.

Named Steinernema adamsi after American biologist Byron Adams, this tiny worm holds the key to eco-friendly pest control in warm, humid regions where traditional methods falter.

Nematodes are not new to the scene of pest management. For decades, species within the Steinernema genus have been deployed in agriculture to combat insect parasites, offering a pesticide-free alternative. However, the discovery of Steinernema adamsi marks a significant advancement in this field.

Professor Adler Dillman, head of the nematology lab at UC Riverside, explains, "We spray trillions of them on crops every year, and they're easy to buy." Despite the availability of over 100 Steinernema species, researchers are continually seeking new variants with unique capabilities suited for specific climates and insect species.

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