RCSA Welcomes 2024 Class of Cottrell Scholars

By Research Corporation for Science Advancement |

RCSA - Research Corporation for Science Advancement, America's first foundation dedicated wholly to science, has named 19 early career scholars in chemistry, physics, and astronomy as recipients of its 2024 Cottrell Scholar Awards. Each awardee receives $120,000.

“These awardees stand out not just for their excellence in teaching and research but for their potential,” said Daniel Linzer, President & CEO of RCSA. “The advancement of both science and society depend on the fresh ideas and the dedication to student learning that we see in Cottrell Scholars, including the class of 2024.”

Cottrell Scholars are chosen through a rigorous peer-review process of applications from public and private research universities and primarily undergraduate institutions across the United States and Canada. Their award proposals incorporate both research and science education.

This year’s awardees represent 19 different institutions. For four of those institutions, this is their first Cottrell Scholar.

One of the awardees is our very own Timothy Su, chemistry, University of California, Riverside – Skeletal Editing of Silicon Nanostructures & Student-Created Social Media Videos to Close the Achievement Gap

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