Aftermath of tropical storm Hilary brings conditions for mosquito breeding

By Brian White | CBS News 8 San Diego |

CBS 8 NEWS  - Heavy rains from tropical storm Hilary left plenty of flooding and standing water, and when combined with the sunny, warm weather, can make for prime mosquito-breeding conditions.

“These mosquitoes breed in water sources that are oftentimes in backyards that can be relatively small water sources, so any pot or cup or container that might hold water temporarily in a backyard, for example, could be a breeding source,” said Dr. Alec Gerry, Professor of Entomology at UC Riverside.

Yellow fever mosquitoes new to our area, sometimes nicknamed “ankle biters,” seem to prefer biting humans over most other mammals.

“These mosquitoes tend to bite kind of low, so if you’re getting bitten by mosquitoes that are biting on the lower legs or around the ankles, especially if they look tiny or you don’t see them, these are probably Aedes aegypti mosquitoes,” said Dr. Gerry.

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