Climate resilience projects take root across California

By Carolyn McMillan | UC Newsroom |

UC Newsroom - The report provides detailed metrics on UC’s progress in decarbonizing its operations and meeting other sustainability goals, including the fact that 55 percent of its electricity now comes from renewable or carbon-free sources. It also highlights UC activities to advance sustainability through education, research and public service, including community partnerships already underway at each of its 10 campuses.

UC Riverside ecologists, for example, are working with more than 20 Southern California tribal nations to protect local plant species that are threatened by hotter, drier conditions. Tribal leaders are advising and guiding UC researchers about the restoration that’s needed on their lands.

“Many plants that are integral to tribal tradition and spirituality are also key for maintaining biodiversity in this region,” said UC Riverside professor Helen Regan who is co-leading the project. “Everyone benefits from ensuring the survival of these species.”



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