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CNAS Women Making History: Dr. Vyjayanthi Chari

CNAS celebrates Women's History Month with women making history in the sciences. Over the month of March, learn more about women scientists in the College of Natural & Agricultural Sciences at UC Riverside who are making history today.


Vyjayanthi Chari

Name: Vyjayanthi Chari
Title: Professor of Mathematics

Please share with us a brief description of your research.
I work in the representation theory of Lie algebras of various kinds. The study of these is motivated by trying to understand symmetries  in an algebraic and mathematical way.

How do you hope your research will impact our local, national, and/or global communities?
My research is in pure mathematics. It has allowed me to support a large number of Ph.D. students. These students are now pursuing careers in academia and industry, many of them are in Southern California. They are making a huge difference in the way mathematics is taught in the community by focusing on a rigorous and conceptual understanding of abstract ideas.

What inspires you? 
At this stage of my life, it is working with young people and helping them launch their research careers. 

Who are the instrumental women in your life and why?
My grandmother, mother and my high school math teacher. They did not always have the opportunity to pursue their dreams. But between them, they  encouraged me to pursue mine,  and taught me to be confident,  ambitious and to strive for excellence.

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