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 Here you will find contact and location information about the CNAS Dean's Office.

Our Location

CNAS Dean's Office
Geology 2258
Riverside, CA 92507

Telephone: (951) 827-6555
Fax: (951) 827-4190

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Kathryn Uhrich

Dean, College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences

2258D Geology
Telephone: (951) 827-3101
Email: cnasdean@ucr.edu

Frances Sladek

Divisional Dean, Life Sciences

2258A Geology
Telephone: (951) 827-7289
Email: lifescidean@ucr.edu

Timothy Paine

Divisional Dean, Agriculture and Natural Resources

2258E Geology
Telephone: (951) 827-7291
Email: agdean@ucr.edu

Jose Wudka

Divisional Dean, Physical Sciences and Mathematics

2258C Geology
Telephone: (951) 827-3929
Email: physcidean@ucr.edu

Constance Nugent

Divisional Dean, Student Academic Affairs

1148 Pierce Hall
Telephone: (951) 827-7294
Email: studentdeancnas@ucr.edu

Jennifer V. Farias

Chief Officer, Financial and Administrative Affairs

2258F Geology
Telephone: (951) 827-6067
Email: jennifer.farias@ucr.edu

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 Dean's Office

Janice Agustin

Development Coordinator

Hinderaker B0110
Telephone: (951) 827-4191
Email: janice.agustin@ucr.edu

Rachel Alvarez

Executive Administrative Specialist

2258 Geology
Telephone: (951) 827-4597
Email: rachel.alvarez@ucr.edu

Helen C. Chen

Grants Facilitator

2258G Geology
Telephone: (951) 827-5103
Email: helen.chen@ucr.edu

Lisa Dunmore

Assistant to Divisional Deans

2258 Geology
Telephone: (951) 827-3920
Email: lisa.dunmore@ucr.edu

Amanda Gomes

Associate Director of Development

Hinderaker B110-E
Telephone: (951) 827-5074
Email: amanda.gomes@ucr.edu

Ronda Inzunza

Administrative Specialist

2258 Geology
Telephone: (951) 827-5090
Email: ronda.inzunza@ucr.edu

Dounia Sadeghi

Asst. Dean of Development, CNAS

Hinderaker B110-C
Telephone: (951) 827-3067
Email: dounia.sadeghi@ucr.edu

Carol Lerner

Communications/Advancement Analyst

200 College Building South
Telephone: (951) 827-5089
Email: carol.lerner@ucr.edu

Deborah McWilliams

Physical Planning Liaison

2258E Geology
Telephone: (951) 827-5163
Email: deborah.mcwilliams@ucr.edu

Daniela Nastase

Analyst, Financial Operations

210 College Building South
Telephone: (951) 827-5100
Email: daniela.nastase@ucr.edu

Joanna Nguyen

CNAS Programmer Analyst

103 College Building North
Telephone: (951) 827-2366
Email: joanna.nguyen@ucr.edu

Leonard Pavlov

Analyst III, Financial Operations

212 College Building South
Telephone: (951) 827-3921
Email: leonard.pavlov@ucr.edu

Yung Phung

Manager, Financial Operations

214 College Building South
Telephone: (951) 827-3104
Email: yung.phung@ucr.edu

Cherie Pierce

Analyst III, Financial Operations

213 College Building South
Telephone: (951) 827-7293
Email: cherie.pierce@ucr.edu

Bryan Schneider

Director of Communications

2258H Geology
Telephone: (951) 827-5304
Email: cnascommunications@ucr.edu

Ilse Ungeheuer

Digital Communications Manager

200 College Building South
Telephone: (951) 827-4175
Email: ilse.ungeheuer@ucr.edu

Kristin Vaca

Analyst, Financial Operations

210 College Building South
Telephone: (951) 827-1501
Email: kristen.vaca@ucr.edu

Brianna Wrightsman

Director of Development

Hinderaker B110-D
Telephone: (951) 827-3278
Email: brianna.wrightsman@ucr.edu

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 California Science Project

Jeanine Leary

Analyst, California Science Project

3007N Physics Building
Telephone: (951) 827-3272
Email: jeanine.leary@ucr.edu

Maria Simani

Director of California Science Project

3011 Physics Building
Telephone: (951) 827-3111
Email: maria.simani@ucr.edu



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