Endowed Chairs and Other Named Faculty Positions

 Endowed Chairs

Name of chair



Cy Mouradick Endowed Chair in Desert Agriculture

Desert Agriculture

Hailing Jin

Alfred M. Boyce Endowed Chair in Entomology


Ring Cardé

Jane S. Johnson Chair in Food and Agriculture

Plant Sciences

Norm Ellstrand

F. Burton Jones Chair in Pure Mathematics

Pure Mathematics


Early Career Chair in Urban Entomology

Urban Entomology

Dong-Hwan Choe

Tokuji and Bettie L. Furuta Endowed Chair

Pests and Plant Diseases

Tim Paine

Ernst and Helen Leibacher Endowed Chair in Botany and Plant Sciences

Botany and Plant Sciences

Katayoon Dehesh

Mir. S. Mulla Endowed Term Chair in Entomology


Alex Raikhel

Wilbur W. Mayhew Endowed Chair in Geo-Ecology


Marilyn Fogel

Donald T. Sawyer Endowed Founders Chair in Chemistry


Yinsheng Wang

Urban Entomology Endowed Presidential Chair

Urban Entomology


Neil A. and Rochelle A. Campbell Presidential Chair for Innovations in Science Education

Science Education

Susan R. Wessler

Givaudan Citrus Variety Collection Endowed Chair

Citrus Variety Collection

Tracy Kahn


Distinguished Professors

This list includes emeritus faculty.

  • Michael Allen
  • Barry Arnold
  • Roger Atkinson
  • Julia Bailey-Serres
  • Guy Bertrand
  • Richard E. Block
  • David F. Bocian
  • Ring Cardé
  • James H. Dieterich
  • Norman Ellstrand
  • Brian A. Federici
  • William T. Frankenberger
  • Theodore Garland
  • Arturo Gomez-Pompa
  • Harry W. Green
  • Robert C. Haddon
  • Gail G. Hanson
  • William A. Jury
  • Michel Lapidus
  • John Letey
  • Mir Mulla
  • Anthony W. Norman
  • Timothy Paine
  • James Press
  • Dallas Rabenstein
  • Christopher A. Reed
  • Derek Roff
  • Victor L. Shapiro
  • Alexander Raikhel
  • Natasha Raikhel
  • Michael Rust
  • John Trumble
  • Chandra Varma
  • Susan Wessler
  • Francisco Zaera

University Professors

  • Arturo Gomez-Pompa

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