The Guppy Project

David Reznick

David Reznick
DR - University of California, Riverside

David ReznickDavid Reznick is the leading PI on this project and is an evolutionary biologist who has specialized in the empirical study of adaptation. His prior work includes a combination of comparative studies with laboratory and field experiments. He has over 25 years of experience working with guppies on the island of Trinidad. He has developed mark-recapture methods for evaluating the population dynamics of natural populations, quantifying the life history patterns of natural populations, quantifying the genetic components of variation within and among populations in life histories in the laboratory and executing field experiments that have allowed the estimate of the rate of evolution and intensity of selection on life history traits in nature. His contributions will include the execution of the introduction experiments, participation in the evaluation of the population dynamics of the introduced populations of guppies, the comparative and experimental study of life history evolution in Rivulus and laboratory evaluations of the evolution of life history traits. He will host the major outreach programs for undergraduates from minority institutions and will coordinate the complete research effort.

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