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Living on Your Own

Whether you live at home or decide to live away from home, becoming a college student requires a degree of independence and responsibility that you may not have experienced before. Before beginning college you should be able to:

  • Do your own laundry.
  • Handle a bank account.
  • Live within a budget.
  • Travel independently.
  • Eat decently and within the meal plan structure.
  • Manage your time; study without being told.
  • Control distractions such as video gaming and partying.
  • Recognize that extracurricular activities, while important, are secondary to your studies.

Michael Cervantes

"Take advantage of all the programs UCR has to offer that make the most of your degree. Balance your time and stay organized, to reach your full academic potential and enjoy your time here."

— Michael Cervantes, senior in biology

Manage Your Time

Your college years may be the first time that you experience a fact that will remain true for the rest of your life: Your most precious resource is your time.

You need to think about your coursework as being a 60-hour-a-week job. If you spend 15 hours a week in class, then you must allocate 45 hours a week to studying: For every 1 hour of class time, you should spend 3 hours of study time—every week. It's very different from high school, where the load is much lighter and is dictated by homework assignments, In college, there may not be specifically assigned homework, but that doesn't lessen your need to study.

Your Parents

While your adjustment to college will be a major turning point in your life, it will also be an important transition for your parents. It may help for you all to sit down together before college begins and discuss how you will interact with each other.

  • How often will you be expected to call home?
  • When and how will your parents get in touch with you?
  • Will they expect to be told what your grades are? (No one at UCR will discuss your academic or personal situation with anyone, even your parents, without your explicit consent.)
  • Will you go home on weekends or only for holidays?
  • To what extent will you be expected to participate in family life, such as chores or family events?

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