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Jennifer An 4th Year, Chemistry 


Jen A


"I was completely shocked (as my fellow Ambassadors might recall) when I was told I was an "Ambassador of the Month." This was a new installation in the program, and so much has changed since I joined three years ago.  More and more students join us every year, and the CNAS Science Ambassadors have built up rapport with the UCR campus and Riverside community.  I'm so glad and honored to have been part of such a group for a large majority of my college career.  I've met like-minded students from a variety of scientific disciplines, spoken to alumni and prospective students about their experiences and how our experiences could provide some insight in each other, and have grown overall as an individual. As someone who gets nervous just speaking to a group of ten people, I've been able to share my UCR experience to lecture hall-full of parents and students and have even led large campus and lab tours to highlight the CNAS portions of our campus. I was told I would gain professional development if I were to join the CNAS Science Ambassador program.  In retrospect, I have earned so much more, more than words can describe. Even though we all volunteer selflessly for the advancement of UCR and especially CNAS, I'm truly thankful for the honor and opportunity to share just a portion of one of my greatest experiences here at UCR."  


What is your pet peeve?
Things being out of color order, especially if they can be.
What is your weirdest "quirk”?
I am Jen-uinely Jen-erous with Jen-erating puns. #sorrynotsorry
If you were a geometric shape what would you like to be?
A triangle, since they're so versatile but simple at the same time.  
How are you feeling right now? 
Quite satisfied, since I woke up an hour before my alarm(s) and I am notorious for sleeping through all of them. (Ask my roommate; Hi, Glenna!)
What is your favorite color?
Orange, because it's bright, happy, and my roommate hates it so she gives me all of her orange stuff.

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