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Featured CNAS Ambassadors


Travis Hong3rd Year, Environmental Sciences

"Having been a Highlander for over two years, I feel I have experienced a great deal of what it means to be a UCR student. I was able to define my future career goals and tailor my coursework, club activities, and employment toward graduate studies in environmental sciences. These are things I genuinely think I could not have done if I didn't choose to go to UCR, at least not at this rate. I became a CNAS Science Ambassador, because I am grateful for the opportunities I've had as a UCR student and want to share what I learned. There's so many events to attend and I also enjoy discovering the subtle advantages to attending these events, namely, networking."


What is your pet peeve?
I think I have two pet peeves. I cringe whenever someone slams my car door. And it's very distracting if I'm in class sitting next to someone who constantly shakes their legs, especially during an exam. 
Do you like baths or showers and why?
Showers! My house has a water-efficient shower head and I try to keep my showers short and sweet. 
What is your weirdest "quirk"?
I oftentimes work late into the night... And then suddenly wake up the next morning tucked in bed without any memory of the previous night. I'm well rested, but it doesn't help much with studying. 
If the average human life span was 40 years, how would you live your life differently?
I actually don't think I would live my life differently. I would definitely work toward completing my undergraduate degree at UCR. I'm planning on graduating this year at 20 year old and I look forward to spending many mores years contributing to research topics that will outlive me. As long as I'm doing what I want to do, living up to 40, 60, or 80 years makes no difference to me. 
How are you feeling right now? 
I am feeling very hopeful! My research experiment was delayed several times due to unforeseen circumstances, but I have finally finished the bulk of the work and am playing the waiting game. 
If you were a geometric shape what would you like to be?
If I had to be a geometric shape, I would be a column. Columns have so many conceptual and practical applications and I want to be just as helpful. 

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