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Fernanda Ambrosio- 3rd  Year, Biochemistry

As a transfer student I came in knowing that I would have to put in more effort in order to really have the college experience I dreamt of since I was in high school. Thanks to the Science Ambassador program I’ve been able to do that and so much more. UCR has been such a life changing experience already. I transferred in with two friends, and I’ve been able to make so many new friends and build so many connections already. I’m also part of the UCR Honors program, and thanks to them, I will be completing a capstone project by the end of my senior year. These opportunities have been exclusive to UCR and I couldn’t be more thankful that I chose this college.


What's your favorite thing to do at UCR?
My favorite thing to do is hike or stroll around the botanic gardens. The gardens provide such a peaceful environment and they help me relax when life gets stressful.
Favorite hangout area on campus?
My favorite hangout area is definitely Orbach library. As a college student, hanging out with friends means studying with them. And it’s actually really fun so we don’t mind!
Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
5 years from now I hope to be enrolled at UCR’s Med School pursuing my dream career as a pediatrician.
If you could try out any additional major, what would you do?
If I were to try a different major, it would more than likely be pursuing a teaching credential to become an elementary school teacher. I’ve always been passionate about helping children, so if I couldn’t help them in a healthcare setting, I would love to teach them.
Favorite place in Riverside?
My favorite place in Riverside is hands down the Mission Inn during the Festival of Lights. It’s such a magical experience.
Favorite class?
My favorite class so far has been organic chemistry. And it’s not because it was easy. Quite the opposite. It was one of the more challenging classes I’ve conquered, but thanks to that class I developed healthy study habits and met one of my closest friends - Shout out to my boo Hadeel!
What is your favorite color, and what about it makes it your favorite?
My favorite color is black. I usually kid around that it’s my favorite because it’s the color of my soul, but in all actuality it’s my favorite because it’s so easy to match and such a classy color.

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