College News Archive - 2014

2014-12-11 | Professor of Biology Mark Springer is one of the lead authors of a study published in the journal Science that used the degraded remnants of tooth genes in birds to determine that the common ancestor of all living birds lost its teeth about 116 million years ago. 

2014-12-11 | Three UC Riverside-managed Natural Reserves will be used to study the effects of climate change as part of a $1.9-million grant from the UC President's Research Catalyst Awards. 

2014-12-09 | Students Dietlinde Heilmayr, Darrin Lin and Daniel Lopez have been awarded UC Global Food Initiative fellowships that fund student-generated research, related projects or internships focusing on food issues. 

2014-12-09 | Entomologist Mark Hoddle, director of UCR’s Center for Invasive Species Research, has released a second species of wasp that is a natural enemy to the Asian Citrus Psyllid, a threat to California’s citrus industry. 

2014-12-02 | In a paper in Biology Letters, Assistant Professor of Biology Timothy E. Higham and William J. Stewart, a postdoctoral researcher in his lab show for the first time that dead geckos can adhere to surfaces with the exact same strength as living ones.  

2014-12-02 | In a study published by Nature Communications, a team led by Professor of Chemistry Jadong Yin describes fabricating a novel rewritable paper based on the color switching property of commercial chemicals called redox dyes. 

2014-11-30 | Research by Professor of Biogeochemistry Timothy W. Lyons shows oxygen levels were only 0.1 percent of today’s levels for roughly billion years before rise of animals, thus delaying their appearance. 

2014-11-20 | In a paper published in Astrophysical Journal, astronomy professors Behnam Darvish and Bahram Mobasher highlight the role played in the evolution of the universe by thread-like “filaments” in a cosmic web that connects galaxies.  

2014-11-19 | In a paper published in Nature Communications, Hailing Jin, a professor of plant pathology and microbiology, and colleagues report that the structure of the small RNA plays an important role in the small RNA sorting. 

2014-11-14 | Undergraduates Unique Bañares and Azeem Rahmanat spend summer doing evolutionary biology research in Brazil. 

2014-10-31 | Botany and Plant Sciences Ph.D. candidate Jennifer Rae Eberwein awarded graduate fellowship of $84,000 for two years by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. 

2014-11-10 | Bill Mayhew, Founding Member of UC Riverside, Died on September 19th, Aged 94

2014-10-28 | Molecular Geneticist Awarded McClintock Prize

2014-10-27 | Odor Molecules Monitor Pest That Spreads Devastating Citrus Diseases (Ray)

2014-10-27 | Research Team Reveals Molecular Mechanism for Resistance and Susceptibility to Tomato Fungus (Borkovich)

2014-10-16 | Department of Chemistry Named Among Top 50 in the World

2014-10-16 | Department of Physics and Astronomy Hosts Viewing of Solar Eclipse Oct. 23

2014-10-14 | What Goes Up Must Come Down

2014-10-09 | UCR-Lead Team Will Seek Ways to Identify Life on Other Planets (Lyons)

2014-10-08 | CNAS Welcomes 15 New Faculty to its Ranks

2014-10-02 | Mario De Leo Winkler of Department of Physics and Astronomy organizes a viewing of the total lunar eclipse

2014-09-22 | Grad students Elizabeth Kennedy and Jesse Heilman are working on the Compact Muon Solenoid experiment at CERN in Switzerland

2014-09-19 | Project Launched to Study Evolutionary History of Fungi (Stajich)

2014-09-10 | Field Day to Focus on Turfgrass (Baird)

2014-09-08 | In Pursuit of Unknown Assassin Bugs (Weirauch)

2014-09-04 | Research Shows Declining Levels of Acidity in Sierra Nevada Lakes (Sickman)

2014-08-22 | Five UC Riverside Scientists Among World's Most Influential Scientific Minds

2014-08-21 | Undergraduates to Show Videos of Their Research in Materials Science (Bartels)

2014-08-20 | Symposium Showcases the Best in Undergraduate Research (Cardullo)

2014-08-13 | Statistical Model Predicts Performance of Hybrid Rice (Xu)

2014-08-04 | Ecology Research Paper Wins National Award (Fahimipour)

2014-07-31 | ACS Volunteer Service Award Given to UCR Chemist (Larive)

2014-07-21 | Entomologist Received High International Honor for Chemical Ecology Contributions (Millar)

2014-07-18 | Summer of Research - Ten rising sophomores at UC Riverside get working in the lab on experiments related to the citrus genome

2014-07-16 | USDA Head of Research to Lay Out Research Support Priorities

2014-07-09 | Microbiologist Receives National Recognition (Stajich)

2014-07-09 | Biologists Link Sexual Selection and Placenta Formation (Reznick)

2014-07-08 | Solar Energy Gets a Boost (Bardeen)

2014-07-02 | Nine Junior Faculty Receive National Recognition

2014-07-01 | UC Riverside's Food Expertise on Display in New UC Global Food Initiative (Mauk)

2014-06-30 | Summer Institute Focuses on Undergraduate STEM Education (Hyman)

2014-06-26 | Let There Be Light: Chemists Develop Magnetically Responsive Liquid Crystals (Yin)

2014-06-24 | Summer Physics Academy Draws Local High School Teachers to UC Riverside (Simani)

2014-06-19 | Spotlight on Important Agricultural Pests (Walling)

2014-06-19 | UC Riverside to Lead New Energy Frontier Research Center Project (Shi)

2014-06-07 | Prediction for Southern California's 2014 Fire Season (Minnich)

2014-06-12 | Grant to Entomologist Will Advance Research on African Malaria Mosquito (White)

2014-06-10 | Popular Regional Science Meetings to Bring Hundreds of Scientists to UC Riverside (Cardullo)

2014-06-09 | World-Famous Lichen Expert Volunteers at UCR's Herbarium (Knudsen)

2014-06-02 | What Can Plants Reveal About Gene Flow? That It's an Important Evolutionary Force (Ellstrand)

2014-06-02 | UCR Senior Accepted at Nine Medical Schools (Ohan)

2014-05-30 | Why Care About Natural History Collections?

2014-05-29 | Retention of Students in STEM Fields Receives Major Financial Boost

2014-05-28 | Entomologist's Talk Will Discuss Mosquitoes and Diseases They Transmit (A. Raikhel)

2014-05-23 | UC Riverside Research Reaps Benefits for Rice Farmers Worldwide (Bailey-Serres)

2014-05-21 | Public Talk at UC Riverside to Focus on Chronic Kidney Disease Affecting Farm Workers

2014-05-19 | Chemists Challenge Conventional Understanding of How Photocatalysis Works (Zaera, Yin, Bardeen)

2014-05-15 | Funding from National Institutes of Health to Help Expand Data Storage Capacity on Campus (Girke)

2014-05-12 | Paleontologists Discover New Fossil Organism (Droser)

2014-05-06 | Studying Earthquakes and Faults from Space (Funning)

2014-05-01 | New Revolutionary Sensor Links Pressure to Color Change (Yin)

2014-04-30 | Ten CNAS graduate students win Graduate Research Fellowships from NSF

2014-04-18 | What Does Past Global Warming Teach Us?

2014-04-14 | Driven to High-energy Excellence (Richards)

2014-04-10 | Fishy Business: An Exchange with Brazil (Reznick)

2014-04-09 | UCR Physicists Involved in Upgrade at CERNs Large Haldron Collider (Clare, Wimpenny)

2014-04-08 | How Fracking Impacts Our Water. Free public talk at UC Riverside on April 9 will address Pennsylvania's experience with the controversial hydraulic fracturing technology

2014-04-07 | Scientists Generate 3D Structure for the Malaria Parasite Genome (Le Roch)

2014-03-21 | What's for Dinner? Free public lecture at UC Riverside on April 2 to focus on molecular signatures of plants, animals and water in early human habitats

2014-03-18 | Bighorn Sheep Went Extinct on Desert Island in Gulf of California, Study Finds (Ezcurra)

2014-03-18 | Conference to Turn Spotlight on Urban Pests (Choe)

2014-03-17 | Climatologists Offer Explanation for Widening of Tropical Belt (Allen)

2014-03-13 | Motion and Muscles Don't Always Work in Lockstep, Researchers Find in Surprising New Study (Higham)

2014-03-13 | UC Riverside: Brainiac Facts You Didn't Know

2014-03-11 | Brain Awareness Day to Cover Sheep Brains, Cow Hearts, Scorpions and Cockroaches (Curras-Collazo)

2014-02-19 | Breakthrough in Drought Tolerant Crop Research (Cutler)

2014-02-19 | The Ups and Downs of Early Atmospheric Oxygen (Lyons)

2014-02-12 | The Deep History of Life

2014-02-12 | Chemistry Senior Wins National Award

2014-02-06 | From Riverside to Sochi: UCR Alum Butner to Pilot Two-Man Bobsled at Winter Olympics

2014-02-06 | Longtime Supporters Leave $1.3 Million to Botanic Gardens

2014-01-30 | Third-hand Smoke Shown to Cause Health Problems (Martins-Green)

2014-01-27 | Study Suggests Air Pollution in the Santa Monica Mountains Is Harming Native Plants, Increasing Fire Risk (Allen)

2014-01-23 | World's First Magma-enhanced Geothermal System Created (Elders)

2014-01-16 | UC Riverside Develops a Unique Ecological Institute (Droser)

2014-01-15 | Public Talk to Discuss History of Animals (EDGE)

2014-01-07 | Hubble Unveils a Deep Sea of Small and Faint Early Galaxies (Siana)

2014-01-06 | Novel "Attract-and-kill" Approach Could Help Tackle Argentine Ants (Choe)

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