College News Archive - 2013

2013-12-11 | Scientists Discover Chemical Modification in Human Malaria DNA (Le Roch)

2013-12-05 | New Invasive Beetle-fungus Complex Found in Riverside and San Diego Counties (Eskalen)

2013-12-05 | How Mosquitoes Are Drawn to Human Skin and Breath (Ray)

2013-11-25 | Chemistry Graduate Student Receives 2013 SACNAS Award (Larive, Beecher)

2013-11-20 | Geneticists Receive Funding to Improve Citrus Production and Health (Roose and Close)

2013-11-14 | Nine-banded Armadillo: A Model Organism for Vision Disorders (Springer)

2013-10-30 | Two Grants to UC Riverside Boost Scientists' Efforts in Developing Improved Cowpea Varieties (Roberts, Close, Lonardi)

2013-10-28 | Researchers Quantify Toxic Ocean Conditions During Major Extinction 93.9 Million Years Ago (Lyons)

2013-10-28 | New Book Addresses Consequences of Drought in Arid Regions (Schwabe)

2013-10-23 | UC Riverside Astronomers Help Discover the Most Distant Known Galaxy (Mobasher, Reddy)

2013-10-18 | Discovery of Higgs Boson Wins 2013 Nobel Prize in Physics (Hanson)

2013-10-18 | Producing Electricity From Natural Geothermal Steam (Elders)

2013-10-11 | Nine New Faculty Join CNAS

2013-10-09 | Scientist Honored by City of Riverside (Ray)

2013-10-03 | CNAS Subject Areas Bring High Rankings to UCR

2013-10-02 | Scientists Find Insect DEET Receptors, Develop Safe Alternatives to DEEP (Ray)

2013-10-01 | Eating Insects: Like Them Stir Fried or Curried? (Hoddle)

2013-09-19 | Geologists Simulate Deep Earthquakes in the Laboratory (Green)

2013-09-16 | Research Project to Capture Infrared View of Distant Universe (Siana, Reddy)

2013-09-12 | Entomological Society of America Honors Stouthamer and Paine

2013-09-12 | Annual Symposium Brings Out the Best in Undergraduate Research (Cardullo)

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