About CNAS


About CNAS

The College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences(CNAS) is home to world-renowned scholars pursuing research that deepens our knowledge of the universe we live in and improves the quality of life for inhabitants of the state, the nation, and the world. Central to this research is educating the students who come to CNAS to learn science, and who leave with an integrated grasp of how they can change the world. These students, and the faculty who teach them, benefit from a structure that is unique among land-grant colleges: CNAS’s 13 departments encompass the life, physical, mathematical, and agricultural sciences. This structure encourages an extraordinary degree of collaboration, reflected in the interdisciplinary research centers and the many cooperatively taught degree programs. Modern science is team based, and CNAS embodies that principle in everything it teaches and practices.

Our Mission

UCR's College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences seeks to expand fundamental scientific knowledge in the biological, physical, mathematical, and agricultural sciences and to find innovative ways to apply that knowledge through teaching and public service. An atmosphere of intimacy and excellence, diversity and distinction, and prestige and preeminence attracts the top faculty and students in the country.

Dean Kathryn E. Uhrich

Dean Kathryn E. Uhrich, a distinguished polymer chemist, began her tenure as dean of CNAS on January 1, 2016.

CNAS Organizational Structure

Organizational charts of the college show how it is structured and administered.


College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences
Dean Kathryn E. Uhrich, Ph.D.
Agriculture and Natural Resources Divisional Dean Timothy Paine, Ph.D.
Life Sciences Divisional Dean Frances M. Sladek, Ph.D.
Physical Sciences and Mathematics Divisional Dean Jose Wudka, Ph.D.
Student Academic Affairs Divisional Dean Constance Nugent, Ph.D.
Financial & Administrative Affairs Executive Assistant Dean and CFAO Jennifer Farias, M.B.A.

CNAS Facts and Figures

College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences, Fall 2018
Undergraduate students 6,173
Graduate students 913
Ladder-rank & emeritus faculty members 443
Other researchers 487
Permanent staff 208
Alumni 27,331
Research grant expenditures $58M
Contract and grant awards $72M
Agricultural Operations Station 2 stations, 1,020 acres
Agricultural Operations Plant Types 50+

General UCR Stats

University of California, Riverside, Fall 2018
Total Students Enrolled 23,922 100%
Undergraduates 20,581 86.1%
Graduates 3,341 13.9%
First-generation Undergraduates 11,649 48.6%
Pell Grant Recipients 10,417 43.5%

UCR Undergraduate Enrollment

University of California, Riverside, Fall 2018
Total 20,581 100%
African/African-American 689 3.3%
Asian/Asian-American 6,950 33.8%
Chicano and Latino 8,550 41.5%
Native American or Alaskan Native 19 <1%
White/Caucasian 2,258 10,9%
International 697 3.4%
Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander 33 <1%
Two or more races 1,154 4.8%
Unknown 231 <1%

UCR Transfer Student Enrollment

University of California, Riverside, Fall 2017 (waiting for 2018 numbers)
Total Applicants 10,928 100%
Admitted  6,298 58%

Data are updated every November / December.
Totals may not add to 100% due to rounding.


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