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Bilal Rana - 2nd Year, Biochemistry

The UCR experience is definitely a lot different from what I anticipated. Originally I believed that I would be locked in my room studying and taking up a few extracurricular activities just so I can tell myself I was involved. My very first quarter here completely changed that attitude, as I have been involved in a large variety of professional and social organizations while taking an extremely relaxed approach to studying. UCR, to me, has largely been about exploring what the world has to offer, and I am so thankful to be a student in an institution that recognizes my passion to explore new things and provides me the resources to do exactly that. This science ambassadors program just happens to be one of the ways I choose to explore, and so far, the journey has been spectacular!


If you could try out any additional major, what would you do?
Computer Engineering: I have always had a fascination for computers and am very interested in the complexity of computer hardware. It would also be exciting to be an expert in a field that is evolving at an exponential rate. Additionally, computers are extremely relevant to my passion for gaming so I figured it would be a really strong fit for me. If I was not pursuing a career in medicine, then I would definitely be looking into CE.

If the average human life span was 40 years, how would you live your life differently?
That's depressing... Option 1, I could pursue a relevant research field to where I can develop some kind of an improvement in human health that could potentially increase the lifespan (someone has to do it). Alternatively, and this is the better option, invest in a high end gaming/streaming setup and pursue a full time career as a video gamer/youtuber/twitch streamer.

What is your favorite color, and what about it makes your favorite?
Purple. This is the color of royalty. Specifically, what I see in the color purple is dignity, respect, wisdom, and grace. I try to embody these values as much as possible.

Yongxian Wu - 2nd Year, Chemistry

As an international student, I know that I need to work harder than others to fit in with the college life. The Science Ambassador program offers me great opportunities to meet with amazing colleges and to build up relationships. I was also in the Learning Community program under CNAS in my freshman year. I came here alone from my distant country with no friends; however, I met my best friends and awesome study buddies in the learning community. The friendly, non-competitive environment is exclusive to UCR, which makes me feel at home and welcomed.

What's your favorite thing to do at UCR?
My favorite thing to do at UCR is go and work out at the gym. The recreation center here is huge and amazing. Working out can help me relax from the stressful school work and get fitter.

Favorite hangout area on campus?
My favorite hangout area on campus is the hub. I love to hang out with my friends at the hub to grab some foods and talk.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
5 years from now I hope to be enrolled in some Medicine School to pursue higher education and still live young and happy.

If you could try out any additional major, what would you do?
If I were to try a different major, I would like to major in Physics. Physic had always been on my list when I was choosing the major, because I was curious about the universe and passionate about discovering new things. Also I know that Physics involves solving problems with big data, which I always want to try out.

Favorite place in Riverside?
My favorite place in Riverside is Mission Inn, where has a long history and beautiful views.

Favorite class?
My favorite class so far is Dynamic Genomic 20, which is the lab class exclusive for the learning community in Campell Laboratory building. It was the first time I got involved into a group research. We were assigned with different prompts and asked to figure out methods to solve the problem with the techniques we learned. This class was challenging but interesting.

What is your favorite color, and what about it makes it your favorite?
My favorite color is black, because it is the color of mystery. The color of an object we see is decided by the color of the light that the object reflects, but the black absorb all kinds of lights and reflects none. Therefore we may never really know the true color of the black objects.

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