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SISTERS PosterIn this program, female UCR undergraduate students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) majors/fields from the CNAS Science Ambassadors program will meet with girls from schools monthly, as each ambassador is assigned to mentor a group of girls for the school year. To strengthen the STEM sisterhood, meetings are based on relevant themes and subjects, and mentors will take turns presenting each month about topics such as girls’ health, overcoming barriers and stereotypes, bullying, boosting self-confidence, and ultimately, how to prepare for pursuing a major in STEM and set up for success.

Every other month, a female faculty member in STEM will talk to the students about how she got into STEM and what her research topic is. Throughout the school year, students will go on field trips to visit the UCR campus and tour science labs, Sycamore Canyon Nature Center, Riverside Metropolitan Museum, and more.

Check out this program being featured on UCR Today and at the Highlander Newspaper! 

Below are some of the highlights of the SISTERS program at their events and meetings.

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 threee  labvisit


Delta SIFY 

Delta SIFY, also known as "Change in Scientific Importance For Youth," is a program created to inspire high school students into pursing STEM majors/careers by giving live science demonstrations, presentations, and tutoring to students. UCR students work with students to show the importance of STEM in daily lives, nurturing interests in the sciences, bringing confidence to students, and ultimately providing an opportunity for students to explore the process of getting into college and working in the STEM field. Each quarter, students will visit high schools to provide hands-on demonstration of science concepts and presentation of real-world science scenarios. During the school year, students will tutor high schoolers from Riverside STEM Academy at UCR.

Each quarter, students will visit high schools to provide hands-on demonstration of science concepts and presentation of real-world science scenarios. During the school year, students will tutor high schoolers from Riverside STEM Academy at UCR.
Check out their
Website: http://deltasify.weebly.com/
Past Events, like STEM Exploration Day: https://youtu.be/Lqcn154KgNw
Feature on UCR Today: https://ucrtoday.ucr.edu/29025

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SMASH (Support and Mentoring for Aspiring Scientists in High School) is a program working with RUSD schools to encourage students, especially those from underrepresented backgrounds, to attend college and study STEM fields. The focus of the program is tutoring and mentoring, coupled with participation in the International Physics Masterclass in the Spring. The Masterclass is an international program run through CERN – the preeminent lab in the field – that teaches high school students how to analyze particle physics data, and SMASH aims to build upon its success by coupling it with a mentoring program, and this is where the Science Ambassadors come in.
Science Ambassadors serve as tutors and mentors for these high school students, as they share their experience and knowledge. While the Masterclass program centers on physics, the goal of SMASH is to encourage students to pursue a degree in any STEM field (be it biology, chemistry, statistics, etc.). The goal of this program is to expose these students to what it means to be a science student, and to show them the beauty of science and what it means to succeed in college. The goal of providing tutoring is to ensure that these students have the support necessary to understand the concepts they’re learning in classes and keep their grades up for college admissions.

SMASH Logo 2017



Discover Day 2016

This past April, the CNAS Science Ambassadors represented the college firsthand by discussing their individual experiences with prospective students at a variety of venues. With the day started off by a speech by ambassador Hanni Schoniger, Science Ambassadors were active throughout the day leading tours and sharing about themselves at public lectures. Some of the day's highlights are shown below:




Seth F.



RUSD Science and Engineering Fair at UCR 

Students of all ages from the Riverside Unified School District (RUSD) presented their projects and ideas at the RUSD Science and Engineering Fair, hosted at UCR. CNAS Science Ambassadors and faculty volunteered to judge the students' presentations and discuss their budding interests. 

Taryn+Michael+Jaqueline judging

Pam at work

Faculty judging; by Don Davidson


End of Year Slideshow

At the very last meeting for the 2015-2016 school year, the CNAS Science Ambassadors reviewed some of the highlights and memories from the events they attended together. For your viewing pleasure, follow the link below:

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