Information on Huanglongbing and Asian Citrus Psyllid


Huanglongbing (HLB, also called Citrus Greening Disease) is a bacteria that kills citrus trees. The bacteria, which is spread from tree-to-tree and carried by the Asian Citrus Psyllid (ACP), has decimated citrus groves in Florida and elsewhere, and is a growing threat in California. See links to more information and resources on this problem below, along with information on relevant research being done in the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences at UC Riverside (UCR).

Homeowners: If you think you have a diseased trees, call: 800-491-1899. Be vigilant to control the insect pest (Asian Citrus Psyllid) that moves the pathogen. Homeowners need to apply the appropriate pesticides in September when new leaves are emerging and roots are growing. More information specifically for Riverside residents can be found at the county agriculture commissioner’s website (http://www.rivcoawm.org/).

citrus variety collecting giving buttonUCR's Citrus Variety Collection, with its 1000 different citrus and citrus types, is one of the premier collections of its kind in the world. It also supports the needs of the citrus industry, which is a critical part of the California economy and beyond. With the recent discovery of the citrus killing disease Huanglongbing (HLB) in Riverside, a disease that has decimated citrus groves in Florida, it is more urgent than ever to preserve this one-of-a-kind collection. UCR is in need of funds to build structures to protect the Citrus Variety Collection from HLB and other diseases and pests. Although the collection is already backed up in small potted plants in greenhouses, they need to be planted in the ground in a screen structure so they will flower and fruit and stay safe from HLB.

Give to the Citrus Variety Collection HLB Prevention Initiative Fund by clicking here. 


Helpful links:




Information on HLB from UCR’s Center for Invasive Species Research


Website on HLB presented by CA Dept. of Food and Agriculture


Information for Residents from Riverside County Agricultural Commissioner’s Office


Video on HLB:


Information on ACP/HLB Distribution and Management from UC Agriculture and Natural Resources


Detecting HLB-infected Trees


Inspecting Trees and preventing HLB for Growers and Homeowners


Homeowner Options and Resources



Asian Citrus Psyllid


Information on the Asian Citrus Psyllid from UCR’s Center for Invasive Species Research


Overview of Asian Citrus Psyllid and how to manage it


Information on ACP and other Citrus Pests in California


Distribution of ACP in California



Articles on HLB-related research at the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences at UCR


UC Riverside Gets $5.1 Million to Fight Citrus Killer: Research will focus on attacking Huanglangbing, a disease that is destroying Florida’s citrus industry and threatens California

UCR Hosted the California Asian Citrus Psyllid and Huanglangbing Research and Extension Summi

Uncoding a Citrus Tree Killer: Team led by UC Riverside scientist receives $4 million grant to fight disease devastating citrus industry

Expanding Citrus Research in Riverside: Partnership between UC Riverside and California Citrus Research Foundation will result in new research facility focused on disease devastating the citrus industry

Controlling a Deadly Citrus Disease: Research led by UC Riverside’s Hailing Jin shows how phosphorus and small RNAs could help battle Huanglongbing


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