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Rana El-Sabaawi

Rana El-Sabaawi
Cornell University

Rana El-Sabaawi is a food web ecologist, and works primarily in stream or coastal ecosystems. She’s broadly interested in how food quality influences food web dynamics, consumer physiology and animal survival. In the FIBR project, Rana has four objectives:

Rana El-Sabaawi1) To explore the potential for adapting ecological stoichiometry as a framework for predicting eco-evolutionary feedbacks.
2) To test the relative strengths of top-down vs. bottom-up processes in structuring Neotropical streams, using mesocosm experiments and field data.
3) To use whole-stream 15N tracer additions to quantify how food web dynamics respond to different light levels, to the presence/absence of guppies, to the evolution of guppy life history phenotypes, and to the co-evolution of Rivulus hartii and guppies.
4) To characterize food web connections using stoichiometric models.

Rana was a post-doctoral associate at Cornell University between 2008-2010. She’s currently a post doc with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada and with the University of Victoria, and is working on characterizing the role trophic ecology plays in the survival of juvenile in the North Pacific. She will start an assistant professor position at the University of Victoria (Biology) in July 2012.

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