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Keeley MacNeill

Keeley MacNeill
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Keeley MacNeill is a technician on the FIBR project and is based out of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  Her interest in stream ecology stems from an undergraduate experience with Drs. John Schade and Mary Power while studyinKeeley MacNeill - University Of Nebraska-Lincolng at St. Olaf College.  The interdisciplinary nature of the FIBR project allowed her to gain a broad range of experiences.  Her responsibilities range from managing the multiple field crews in Trinidad to executing ecosystem components of mesocosm experiments to managing the ecosystem team’s bimonthly sampling of the focal streams, which examines ecosystem responses to both the guppy introduction and a light manipulation.  She also had the opportunity to conduct her own project on nutrient dynamics in travertine (characterized by high levels of limestone deposition) streams.  She is currently applying for graduate school to study nutrient cycling, the stoichiometry of biofilms and their relationship with higher trophic levels.

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