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Cameron Ghalambor

Cameron Ghalambor
CG - Colorado State University

Cameron GhalamborCameron Ghalambor did his post-doctoral work on Trinidadian guppies and was Co-PI with DR on a NSF proposal examining the evolutionary trade-offs between life histories, morphology, swimming performance, and behavior. He is thus intimately familiar with the study system and has extensive experience rearing and maintaining lab populations of guppies. CG’s role in the proposed research will be twofold. First, because of his familiarity with the study sites he will take part in the field component of the research. The field work will primarily involve the capture, marking, and re-sampling of introduced fish. CG and one graduate will travel to Trinidad three times each year to contribute to this part of the proposed work. Second, he will conduct many of the lab assays that will assess the rate of genetic change in the introduced populations. CG has extensive experience carrying out these assays and the appropriate laboratory facilities. These lab assays will be carried out every 9 months and will involve rearing the second generation guppies of wild caught introduced individuals. CG will use two rearing environments to evaluate genetic vs. environmental differences of second generation individuals. The first rearing environment will be isolated 2 gal tanks and focus on the size and age of maturity in males. The second rearing environment will consist of replicated 600gal tanks (see budget justification) that contain either just guppies (control treatment) or guppies and their native predator in an enclosure (predator treatment). CG has successfully used this experimental design to more explicitly evaluate differences between populations in predator induced plasticity.

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