The Guppy Project

Ecosystem Team:  Alex Flecker, Steven Thomas, and Cathy Pringle

Alex Flecker
AF - Cornell University
Steven Thomas
ST - Cornell University
Catherine Pringle
CP - University of Georgia


Alex FleckerAlex Flecker has more than 25 years of experience investigating tropical streams. His prior research includes large-scale experimental manipulations of fish in natural streams coupled with mesocosm studies to characterize multiple trophic level interactions among fish, invertebrates, and primary producers.

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Steven Thomas

Steve Thomas has 14 years of experience studying stream ecosystems and is an expert in the use of isotope tracers to quantify nutrient cycling and oxygen mass balance approaches for measuring ecosystem scale metabolic activity. AF and ST are currently working together to examine the importance of fish in modulating ecosystem processes such as nitrogen cycling and primary productivity, and to evaluate the relationship between nutrient supply, organism stoichiometry and ecosystem measures of nutrient demand.

Together, AF and ST will coordinate: 1) the evaluation and interpretation of ecological interactions associated with guppy introductions, 2) the use of isotope approaches to understand the importance of resource availability and bottom-up controls over the coarse of early life history evolution, 3) the design and execution of light manipulation experiments that assess the role of ecological context in guppy evolutionary patterns, and 4) oxygen mass balance measurements to quantify variation in stream energy flow over the course of the project.

Cathy Pringle - University of GeorgiaCathy Pringle is a stream ecologist/limnologist who is widely known for her work on species-community-ecosystem linkages that combines field studies and experimental approaches. CP's interdisciplinary collaborations with biogeochemists, hydrologists, and behavioral ecologists have successfully advanced integration across disciplines and she serves as an invited member of the National Center for Ecological Synthesis' Scientific Advisory Board. She has developed innovative experimental techniques to work in running water systems - most notably an electric exclosure technique, by which macrobiota presence and absence is manipulated via an electric field. CP has extensive experience studying stream ecosystems in the US, Costa Rica, and Puerto Rico, and she has worked more recently in Panama, Micronesia and Madagascar. She has served as President of the North American Benthological Society and is an elected US Representative of the International Society of Limnology and Oceanography. CP's contributions will include investigation of the impact of guppy introductions on stream ecosystem properties using an electric exclosure technique to manipulate the presence and absence of fishes in situ. CP will also estimate invertebrate secondary production and use stable isotope and gut analysis techniques to characterize food web configuration in experimental streams.

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